The year my brother kidnapped, painted and then wore Sparty

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It was 1967 and my brother Charlie was a Senior at Michigan and a member of Sigma Nu fraternity.  One his fraternity brothers had been to a party up in East Lansing earlier that year and saw that MSU stored Sparty at the Sig Ep fraternity house between home games so they decided to drive up there and kidnap him   They were successful (read the article below for the details) so they painted a winged helmet on him and announced if State wanted him back they would have to go on the field at the Big House and take him.  So my brother (that's him on the far right of the picture below) wore the now handsomely painted Sparty down onto the field and gave him back to somebody from State before the game.

Yeah State was pretty damn good that year going undefeated (only the mythical 10-10 tie with Notre Dame blemished their record) and they spanked us that day 34-0.   But for a few days anyways Sparty called Ann Arbor home (actually Dexter to be precise) and he wore a maize n blue winged helmet instead of that stupid green thingie.




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Yup.  You're right and thanks.  Interesting that they were pretty bad in 67 but they still kicked our ass in the game.  Here's a super book trivia question - in how many years did both U of M and MSU have losing records in football as that year (67) we were 4-6 and they were 3-7.

Good catch.  

Here's a nice pic of a 67 GTO convertable to make up for my error



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Reminds me of the story my brother told me of liberating some of the bison from the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs after seeing the inspiring movie Born Free.

U-M Raiders Na…

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Sparty was kidnapped by Michigan men from the Delta Sigma Phi fraternity the week before MSU was to travel to the University of Wisconsin for their game on October 7, 1967.

The Michigan Men placed an ad in the STATE NEWS:

"FOUND: ONE UGLY green and white head.  Answers to the name of Sparty.                       Call (303) 262-124" which was the phone number of the University of Wisconsin.

When Sparty did not appear in Madison, the Michigan Men invited the newspapers to visit Sparty outside of Ann Arbor.  By then Sparty had been converted into Wolveriney with a beautiful maize and blue winged helmet.

Headlines and pictures appeared in                                                                                                          the Detroit News: "U-M Raiders Nab Spartan Head Man",                                                                the Detroit Free Press: "Sparty is a Turncoat".                                                                                  the Grand Rapids Press  "Sparty in Michigan hands",                                                                      the Ann Arbor News  "MSU'S Sparty Safe, Sound, Redecorated Abductors Promise                                                        He'll be  Returned."                                                                                          the Muskegon Chronicle  "SPARTY CHANGES COLOR"                                                                  the UPI and AP wire services spread the news nation wide.                                                                the Michigan Daily:  "STAGE SET FOR WOLVERINEY"

Shortly before kickoff with both teams on the field and 103,210 fans in their seats the Michigan Men brought Wolveriney into Michjigan Stadium and down the aisle in the northwester corner, surrounded by cheering Michigan students and onto the field.

Although the Michigan Men returned Wolveriney to MSU, MSU decided to create a new Mascot instead of repainting Wolveriney.