Yahoo Rivals Top Story - Hoke Springs Eternal

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The title says it all, pretty much. 

On Yahoo, the Rivals top story for College Football is a picture of Hoke with the stolen title, "Hoke Springs Eternal." It's a finally-positive offseason article about Michigan football, so that's good. Just thought some fellow MGoBloggers would find it interesting.





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It gets even better with the piece to the right, "Headed for a Fall? Michigan State..."

Love it!


Headed for a fall?

Michigan State among eight that will find it hard to match 2010's success







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Is every site contractually obligated to put a picture of Hoke pointing at something? I feel like he walks around pointing at stuff randomly all day 


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If Brian did, indeed, get it from somewhere else (remember that he isn't presenting it as an original story, only a cute mantra/meme), all it proves is that Dienhart is not only stupid, but a plagarizer.  

Sounds about right to me.

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It's an odd set of opinions, I'll grant you, but if the coaching change + Denard = massive uncertainty/variability, he could think our most likely outcome at this point is 6-6, but that the potential upside is significant and the uncertainty makes us highly worth watching (especially in Spring practice).


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Western Mich W
Eastern Mich W
Minnesota W
at NU W
at Mich State L
Purdue W
at Iowa L
at Illinois L
Nebraska L
Ohio State L

6-6 with a minor bowl for Michigan in Hoke's debut.  

Does not look like Deinhart expects Hoke to be very successful his first year.......


Link for this information (see around 12:30 pm time frame)