Yahoo College Football: Enos to Bama

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Source: Dan Enos expected to leave Michigan for Alabama. He’s expected to be associate HC and coach QBs.

— Pete Thamel (@PeteThamel) January 26, 2018



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Either win the effing games or don't. If UM can't beat the teams on their schedule then how can they be Nat'l Champs anyway? You think Alabama would have trouble with UM's schedule next year? Maybe osu gives them a game. No one else would. You want UM to be compared to Alabama then UM needs to actually be like Alabama. 


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Oh good, a coach that both teams that played in the NC game this year wanted badly that was at UM has left for one of said schools. Splendid, absolutely splendid. What now Harbaugh? These next few weeks and what happens could decide the fate of the program for years to come. No pressure.


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You're fooling yourself if you think this isn't a critical point in Harbaugh's tenure. There is something very, very wrong on the offensive side of the ball and change is needed, not just Harbaugh cronies.


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Worst yet for the babies is that the offense was bad for ONE year. That's not a trend that's a data point. If you are building something you don't make decisions off one data point esp one with a few extenuation issues hanging off them such as key injuries.

Harbaughs YEARS of playing on and building championship teams trumps anything that happened last year by miles.

You know some of these babes have never ever had to build a team on anything other than a video game.


Arb lover

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Associate head coach to Saban? yeah, that's simply a title. He would be the quarterback coach. I'm not seeing that it's a done deal, but I won't be surprised if he does take it. He's a good pick, hope he stays Michigan.


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Michigan can't hold on to their new coaches?  These new coaches are just plain greedy and leave for a bigger check just like that?

I hope we soon find out what is really going on.