Xavier Simpson goes for 59 points in a single game!

Submitted by MichiganMan14 on December 15th, 2015 at 10:18 PM
Simpson and Lima Senior beat Fremont Ross Dec. 15 night behind Simpson's school record 59 points. He also dished eight assists in the win. Lima Senior mounted a furious rally to beat Toledo St. John's in the team's Dec. 8 opener. Lima trailed by 17 in the third quarter despite Simpson's outstanding play - he finished with 26 points in a 67-66 win. Looks like we have a gem on the way to Ann Arbor! Getting more and more excited about this kid. He will need to be ready next year and looks like he's well on his way! Lots of minutes to be had. Go Blue!



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Jesus you people are annoying.  Xavier Simpson might be the next Trey Burke when all is said and done but he wasn't the staffs top choice either. that would be cassius winston who signed with msu.  They also wanted josh langford but he is with msu after Tyus Battle dropped us for Syracuse.  The number 3 recruit in the country is from Michigan and is strongly considering msu but we aren't even in his top 10.  Another top 10 guy in the nation was from Michigan too in Miles Bridges, he is going to msu. 

We have the 28th ranked recruting class in the country with a 4 person class.  There are mutliple schools ahead of us with 2 commits and Xavier Simpson is the only top 100 guy. The staff missed on their top targets.  Sometimes that works out but its not like Beilein didn't go after other players first and miss.  Recruiting is fine, but with msu and Maryland and ohio state and even Indiana recruiting at an even higher level it is going to be difficult to maintain success.  Coach came to Michigan because he didn't feel he could recruit good enough players to win a national championship at wvu.  He understands that to be elite you have to have elite players not just good coaching.   We aren't landing elite players and when we did (Mitch McGary) it was the springboard we needed to get the final four.  If jordan Morgan is our starting center we don't make that run that year even with Burke playing at the player of the year level. 


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But when we played MSU, we weren't at full strength. Injuries happen. Or does McGary's not count? On top of that, one of the reasons they weren't at full strength is because Dawson broke his own hand. Your excuse is weak. Can you tell me the last team to win the big 10 by three games? And that was with Morford at center. We would have been just fine. I actually argue that without those two, we wouldn't have won the B10 by 3 games, wouldn't have been seeded so high in the tourney, and not made it to the championship game. So actually, McGary wasn't what got us to the championship game, Morgan and Horford were.


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Well now I know you don't really follow the basketball team. We didn't win the big ten the year we went to the championship game.  And of course injuries matter, I'm not saying we didn't win the big ten but I am saying that with Morgan at center we weren't a national championship caliber team.

Prince Lover

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Don't think I've ever been more mad at a game than that tourney game against them that one year. And for the record, I was like 13 so I was young and couldn't see the inspirational stuff behind Loyola's run. I just wanted to win. Wasn't it like 150-120 or around there. Crazy score whatever it was.

Trader Jack

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Since Beilien's been coaching with these assistants, those are about the only two bigs they've had play major minutes. Other than last year and the first half of this year when they've had entirely FR and SOs to rely on. I can go back further before Jeff Meyer, Bacari Alexander, and Lavell Jordan became assistants to Peedi Sims too, if you'd like.

Regardless, you're writing off David and Teske before they even set foot on campus, as well as Wilson, Wagner, and Doyle before they've completed half of their eligibility. That seems pretty unfair. Constantly bashing the coaches seems to be your perogative though, so don't let logic or reason get in the way of that.

Stringer Bell

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Doyle has regressed.  Wilson hasn't shown anything yet.  I've admitted that Wagner looks like a good prospect and I think he will be a good player.  McGary was an elite prospect before he arrived.  So really you're looking at Morgan as the shining example of big man development under this coaching staff, and he didn't blow up until his senior year.  1 example is an anomaly, not a trend.  I really can't believe some on here still defend Beilein's big man development, but I guess there really is a faction here that believes he can do no wrong.

Trader Jack

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I'm not defending it, and I'm not saying Davis, Wagner, or any big currently on the team will develop into anything. I'm saying the bigs currently on the team are very young, and Davis and Teske haven't even arrived yet, so counting them as evidence that Beilein and his staff can't develop bigs seems premature.

It's incredible how in one sentence you crush Beilein for his recruiting, but with the next decide he doesn't get credit for McGary playing well because he was an elite prospect. Morgan blowing up his senior year, as many players do, is further evidence that you should probably wait before labeling the young bigs we have as failures.

I definitely don't think Beilein can do no wrong. I also don't have an anti-Beilein agenda that causes me to bring up the development of his bigs in a thread about Xavier Simpson and then stand behind my false assertions despite evidence to the contrary and the fact that we don't really know how two FR, a SO, and two HS kids are going to turn out yet.

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Stringer Bell

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What evidence to the contrary?  You've given me 2 examples.  Yes, he successfully recruited McGary.  Where are the other elite big men that he's recruited?  He's been here for 9 years after all, so McGary being the only elite big man he recruited is not evidence that he can recruit big men.  Just like Jordan Morgan turning into a quality player his senior season isn't evidence that he knows how to develop big men in light of the number of big men that haven't turned into quality players.  If you're seeing signs of development in the bigs we have on the roster then you're watching a whole different team than I am.  And I brought up the bigs because we will never be a great team again until that problem is fixed, no matter how many great players we get at the guard and wing spots.

Trader Jack

December 16th, 2015 at 1:23 AM ^

Again, those are basically the only two examples that are even applicable, since they're the only ones this staff have coached that played major minutes. And they both turned into very good college players.

I've seen impressive spurts from Wagner and that's about it. A reasonable person, though, would hold off on deciding whether Wagner, Wilson, Doyle, Davis, and Teske will ever be good until they've been on campus for a little while. For some reason, you refuse to do that.

You brought up the bigs because you enjoy complaining about Beilein, which you find a way to do in every single basketball discussion. It's really annoying.

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If we are going off who played major minutes at the 4 or 5, which are big men, you've got to count Novak and GR3, who played the 4. I think he is just looking at the 5, which is really stupid

Even with the 5, nobody has mentioned Horford, who teamed up with Morgan when McGary went down to be a major contributor on a team that won the B10 by 3 games. But they don't count you know, because it is way easier to just focus on players who haven't been on campus for 2 full seasons and ignore anyone who has played well at the 4 or 5


December 16th, 2015 at 10:58 AM ^

Lets table this discussion until Beilein goes through Purdue and MSU.  Our lack of defense and rebounding will most likely be glaringly obviousy.  However, maybe we can have an insane shooting night and compete.

My guess it will feel like OSU/MSU football for the past few years when our DL was overmatched and we got mauled.

Lets see how strong the hopium is after Sparty dances around the floor for the next two years. 

Beilein is an average recruiter when you look at his body of work at M.  

IMO he has had 2 elite recruits where he won the battle:

D . Morris, McGary

He has had 4 gems who he discovered and after they committed to M they became "hot" recruits:

Stauskas, Burke( this is tough because he was a really good recruit, but he wanted to go to OSU but they had Craft), Robinson and Hardaway.


December 16th, 2015 at 10:44 PM ^

Chatman had offers from Arizona, UConn, UCLA and others. Irvin and Walton were top 30ish guys. DJ Wilson was a top 100 guy with a decent offer list. Stauskas had offers from Wake Forest, Stanford and as I remember a lot of interest from Kansas. Beilein has been average in recruiting bigs, in fact Morgan was probably considered below average, as were Spike and Novak.

He's better than average.


December 15th, 2015 at 11:28 PM ^

I can't people believe there are dumbasses who complain about Beileins ability to find talent. As if Burke Novak Morris stu LeVert Wagner weren't enough Duncan Robinson was a nobody who is shining right now in the Michigan uniform. People need to RELAX!! Beilein is the best coach michigan can have. We are experiencing one of the greatest 8 year stretch in Michigan basketball history that is the reality. ENJOY


December 15th, 2015 at 11:49 PM ^

I'm concerned as ever about our current post play and the future of our post play. However, Coach B can unearth wing talent like no other and has put many kids in the pros. Xavier is going to help our program a great deal. I think if we invest in DJ Wilson and Wagner...it will pay dividends in the future. Unfair to judge Teske and Davis before they get here. We just could use a physical leaper or two in my opinion. Let's see how the season plays out. In the meantime....59 points is pretty incredible!

Stringer Bell

December 15th, 2015 at 11:55 PM ^

I'm with you on that.  A guy like Deyonta Davis (who was an unheralded recruit when he signed with MSU) would really take this team to the next level.  Getting an athletic big man who focuses on rebounding and defense would be huge.  It's not like we run our offense through the bigs anyways.


December 15th, 2015 at 11:49 PM ^

I'm concerned as ever about our current post play and the future of our post play. However, Coach B can unearth wing talent like no other and has put many kids in the pros. Xavier is going to help our program a great deal. I think if we invest in DJ Wilson and Wagner...it will pay dividends in the future. Unfair to judge Teske and Davis before they get here. We just could use a physical leaper or two in my opinion. Let's see how the season plays out. In the meantime....59 points is pretty incredible!