Wyatt Shallman Hurt?

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I don't know if anyone mentioned this or not(and if they did my mistake), but Wyatt Shallman was carted off the field a couple of weeks ago against U of D and was in for very few if any at all snaps against St. Mary's last week.  He was walking around the sideline but I think it's something to look out for. Also, this weekend Matt Godin and Shallman play James Ross and St. Mary's(again) for the Catholic League Championship at Ford Field.



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As a Catholic league fan Shallman had a rough U of D game and hasn't played since. He was taken out the first play in the Brother Rice game (due to a hamstring injury), and didn't play in the St. Mary's game last week. I don't believe he will be playing at Ford Field this weekend either. Somewhat disappointing season for Shallman only having 400 yards and 7 TDs this year. Seemed to dance way to much in the open field and not just run over kids at the HS level. Fumbeled 3 times in that U of D game having cornerbacks just take the ball right from him. A little sad to see a player so highly rated by some websites not even get All-League or All-Catholic.


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Although it's not crazy numbers, 400 yards and 7 TDs isn't terrible for only playing 6 full games, and being hurt for most of another. 

He's still a junior too, so he's young.  Not saying that we shouldn't hope for more from him, but let's not go overboard. He averaged almost 100 yards and two TDs in games he was healthy. 


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I've been to most of the CC games this year and know several people around CC, I'm a fan and maybe Wyatt Shallman is too, but yes I was talking about myself.


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Wyatt Shallman may sustain injures throughout his high school career, but when he gets in the backfield at the University of Michigan, he will come out guns blazin' like Wyatt Earp or Vincent Smith. 


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If any one is interested in the prep bowl this weekend and can not make it, MHSAA.com will have live audio from the game.  No word if it will be streamed yet...

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I know his stats aren't bad for playing in only 6 games, but his constant fumbling this year, while also never lowering his head to run people over is disturbing this year. I can tell you most of his 400 yards were against Inkster and Highland Park, two very poor football teams. Only 35 yards rushing against a very bad U of D team was a little surprising. Not saying he won't be a great player because I know he's a freak athlete, and I've never seen a person his size move that fast, but right now as a CC fan its hard to go from the truck Niko Palazeti to a 260 pound fullback who dances around instead of just running forward. Hopefully come playoff time he's back healthy and lowering his shoulder running over kids like last year, I think because of his hamstring Wyatt has been a little tenative this year. 


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I compiled the stats on this team and we coach/play against CC every year.  Don't know what the grudge is but let's get a little more objective.

CC had 3 games in the first 6 that were significant blowouts.  We saw the starters out in the early second quarter.  Shallman did not play any offense in the first game but then was the only back for the next six games.

He lead the team in yards and touchdowns for that entire period.  He had two fumbles in the homecoming game which are his only two that we know of since he has been a regular in 10. By the way, in reviewiing that game their other back had two fumbles, the QB had 3 pics - just a bad game for CC and they still won with #49's three TD's. Not sure where you got the "3" from nor the fumbling problems. Also, he had much more than 35 yards - he had one run that was 30 +. 

Wish he played for our team.  Good kid,big talent -  have no idea where the "dancing" comment comes from, he has actually a pretty good jump-cut for a high school player that we we see. 


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Don't mean to hijack this thread. But it appears Gregg has transferred to Cincinnati. I know he's still on the roster and everything, but it just happened. I'm sure it'll be announced soon. Im guessing I'll get negged for this because I have no sources to link and low points.
<br>If anyone wants to create a thread about this it would be great.


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If that's really his reason, that sucks.  He's a freshman.  Countess is clearly above him, but Taylor hasn't seen the field much and Brown just needed to battle with him for the spot.  Best of luck to him of course, but I'm not too upset when kids leave the program for that reason.  It opens up a spot for a kid willing to fight for PT.


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Guess what? He trained with Barwis this off-season. You think there is a correlation to running backs being hurt that trained with this guy? Get him away from Mike Barwis!

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From what I know of my kid's FB schedule there is no off season in HS football.  A couple dead weeks, but no off season.  Saying a pulled hammy is Barwis' fault is just stupid given the kid trained with for maybe 2 months at most.

The reason NFL players came back to Michigan during their off season was to train with Barwis when he was here.  Throw in players from other sports and Barwis has support from people whose living is dependent on their physical condition.


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12 weeks is plenty to cause injury. The summer off-season conditioning is 12 weeks. That is plenty time to cause injury from muscular imbalances and not correcting them. Also, not many football guys went to him this past summer when they didn't even have a season. Many people were injured while he was at Michigan and people around Jim continue to get injured. Brandon Graham tore his acl. Torn acl's are typical injuries from muscular imbalances.


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He had hurt his hamstring BEFORE  he went to Barwis.  In fact, he went to Barwis to fix his imbalances, and they have been working on that.    His hamstring injury has NOTHING to do with Barwis. 

In fact, there have been several injured athletes who went to go work with Barwis over the summer to fix imbalances and get them back on the field.  And, of course, Brock Mealer continues to train with him and make progress.