WVU vs Oregon in BCS Championship?

Submitted by graybeaver on October 7th, 2012 at 6:37 AM
It would be interesting to see what two teams would be selected to play for the BCS Championship if Oregon and WVU finish the season undefeated. Would one of them be left out in favor of a one loss SEC champion? The SEC has four legitimate top 10 teams, and a couple of legit top 20 teams. They have also won the last six national championships. Personally, I would love to see someone beat the SEC champion to win the BCS. However, I think WVU and Oregon would get the nod over a one loss SEC team. What do you think?



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At this point, I have little faith in WVUs defense, they haven't looked very steady in their last couple games.  Their offense is great, and will put up a ton of points, but I think their defense is a big liability, and will cost them a game or two.  As for Oregon, they've looked very solid so far on both sides of the ball.

As the saying goes, "Offense wins games, defense wins championships".


(Also, screw this 'SEC only-title game'.  It was a fluke that it happened once, I'd be shocked if the NCAA would let it happen again—the ratings were terrible and the intrest outside of the south east was completely absent.  If it happens this year, I'll eat a lemon.)


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The SEC is weaker than the experts think. Bama should easily go undefeated and be in the ship against Oregon or West Va. Even if Bama somehow stumbled along the way, the "strength" of having one loss going through an SEC season will still put them in the ship like it did last year.


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Yes, one of these two teams won't get in. A one loss SEC champ will probably get more love than an undefeated WVU team in particular. An undefeated SEC champ will definitely get more love.

Too early in the season to worry about this, though.


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we don't really know what will happen yet as it is too soon in the season.

I personally doubt WVU gets in over a one loss SEC champ - the SEC just has developed too much credibility as a power conference over the last decade. This is not to say that I wouldn't want to see the bloodbath of a WVU-Oregon matchup where the score is 146-146 going into overtime.


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We've seen two undefeated teams battle it out in the NC game at least twice before - Texas and Alabama in 2010 and Oregon and Aurburn in 2011 (also, there have been a few occasions where one of the teams involved was undeafeted, of course). Even though those games involved SEC teams, the precedent exists. I will add, however, that I think the chances of Alabama going undefeated are probably better than West Virginia's just looking at their remaining schedule and the relative competency of their defenses. I could see WVU losing one (possibly two) of theirs along the way.

Granted, the Week 8 BCS Standings and the rankings come December could look radically different too - that's happened before as well. 


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First game of the year, at Vandy, at night, against a conference opponent (we all know how crazy conference games can be).  Granted both teams had all off-season to prepare for that game I think Vandy REALLY wanted that game whereas SC was so so about it being Vandy.

The people here in Nashville were jacked up for that game, much more so than all the games thereafter this year.

If you throw the high and the low out...this game gets the low throw out.

Every team will almost lose to a team they shouldn't along the way, that's the beauty of college football. (I'm sure Michigan fans know this point all too well over the years!)


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You'd see as many people betting the over/under on total points as betting on who would win.

I'll predict Oregon 84-77 in a defensive slugfest, with neither team punting even once.

Which makes me wonder if fewer points will be scored in the NC basketball game.


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The only team in the SEC that would deserve the 1-loss SEC treatment is Alabama.  Georgia was destroyed by an above-average-but-not-great SC team, Florida mucked its way past an overrated LSU team, and neither of those two winners do I see going undefeated.  And if WVU and Oregon go undefeated, they'll have wins over highly-regarded USC, Stanford, Oregon St., Washington, Texas, Oklahoma, K St., etc.  This isn't a Boise St. situation where they will have played three legit teams all year. 


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If this happened, and Bama or SC was undefeated or had one loss, I could see the South leaving the Union in protest. Wait, I really hope this does happen now.




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Bama has loopholed and cheated its way into becoming a de facto, one-team NFL Development League.  I don't see anyone beating them.  The SEC has Bama, a step down to South Carolina, and a bunch of teams that aren't appreciably better than the Big Ten, Pac 12, or Big 12.  

Oregon should make it to the BCS "Championship" game, and WVU could of Oregon falters, but I don't see both making it.  


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Oregon and WVU both get in ahead of a 1-loss sec team because both comferences are quality enoough. The B1G, ACC and other lesser rans would not. I agree with others that WVU isn't going to go through undefeated. I think things will be more shaken up with either Oregon or Alabama losing even though they both look way better than the rest.


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Oregon zero loss = in the championship

Alabama zero loss = in the championship

SEC champion zero loss = in the championship

WVA zero loss = championship dependent upon other factors, most notably Oregon.  Oregon zero loss trumps WVA zero loss if SEC is the other side of the NC pairing.

Outlier in this discussion is Notre Dame ... undefeated ND is going to get love they don't deserve, given their schedule.  Undefeated ND will be in championship just because (sadly) they're ND.

* * *

I like WVA ... I like Geno Smith (seems a smart, humble young man) ... I like the "story" this year with their move to the Big 12 and their desire to prove themselves.  Their defense is suspect.  The win over Texas was nice because it was gritty ... they hung tough and won.




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but I don't think WVU will go unbeaten.  They still have to play very capable of beating them teams:  TCU, Oklahoma State, Kansas State, Oklahoma and even Iowa State.   WVU's tough games are all ahead of them and to this point it really could be strongly argued WVU has played only one good defensive team yet.  That defense held them to 31 points  .



Marshall:  #105


James Madison:  FCS


Maryland:  #7


Baylor:  #120


Texas: #74  thats with shutout to their credit


Four of five of the best defense WVU will see on their schedule are still ahead of them, I think someone will get them,




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only have a couple what I would call 'tough' games left and probably a couple faux tough games.

@ Missouri

@ Tennessee

Mississippi State


Texas A&M

Western Carolina



It will probably take a 3 or 4 turnover performance by Bama for any of these teams to beat them.  I wouldn't be shocked if LSU won though, surprised but not shocked. 


Then we're left with the SEC title game.   South Carolina, Florida and Geogia are the most likely opponent and non of those strike me as  Bama killers.


Avant's Hands

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Hang on. Bama misses SC, Georgia, AND Florida this year? With the way Arkansas has collapsed and LSU doesn't look like the same team, if Bama loses their conference championship game, why are they automatically in the title game? How is that a difficult schedule? Just because they are in the SEC doesn't mean they should get a free pass. They miss 3 of the 4 best teams! MSU and Tenn are the only other half decent teams they play all year (besides us, hopefully).


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I don't see anyone going Undefeated this year. The most dominate teams to date seem to be Oregon and Alabama, but both have flaws and tough tests ahead. A one loss team on the climb still with big match-ups and a chance to impress voters..... USC.