WVU vs Oregon in BCS Championship?

Submitted by graybeaver on October 7th, 2012 at 6:37 AM
It would be interesting to see what two teams would be selected to play for the BCS Championship if Oregon and WVU finish the season undefeated. Would one of them be left out in favor of a one loss SEC champion? The SEC has four legitimate top 10 teams, and a couple of legit top 20 teams. They have also won the last six national championships. Personally, I would love to see someone beat the SEC champion to win the BCS. However, I think WVU and Oregon would get the nod over a one loss SEC team. What do you think?



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Yea the only thing anyone could have possibly nit picked about Bama before the season is lack of experience. I believe that can now be tossed out the window. They're young, talented, and have experience/leadership at all the right positions to run the table again.


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I want to see Alabama crush Oregon in the championship game so we can all have a good laugh when Brian tries to blame the Oregon loss on execution so he can defend his beloved schematic advantage with the fervor he defends Denard.


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They have impressed so far this year, and as devestating as it would be to most people on this blog, their chances look a lot better than they did at the beginning of the year. Everybody was thinking 6 or 7 wins would be a success, but the teams on their schedule look much weaker than they did a month ago. As awful as it sounds, ND might start getting a lot of title game talk. Especially if they beat Stanford next week.



Avant's Hands

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I'm split on this. On the one hand, I could absolutely see ND going undefeated because their schedule is no where near as tough as people made it out to be. Stanford played their annual best game against USC and they are otherwise mediocre. The B1G is...well the B1G. BYU is not good at all. Miami is bad AND crapped the bed in their game to boot. OU and USC should beat ND at home, but ND is in full luck-of-the-Irish mode this year. Unless they completely choke, ND should be in a BCS game at 10-2 or 11-1 because you know a BCS game will grab them ahead of say 10-2 Kansas St (who would probably kill ND).

On the other hand, at what point this year have you watched ND play and said, "Man, that is definitely a top 10 team." The only time their offense has looked good is when they have had a week or offseason to plan. Their defensive gameplan against Michigan was to bend and then hope they miss field goals and turn it over. Any team with a good passing offense and a good to solid defense can and should beat the Irish. ND just hasn't seen any team like that and only has 3 on the schedule that could potentially fit that mold. I think ND is overrated.

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If they make the title game, I expect them to get their asses thoroughly kicked against Alabama. Granted, their front seven is very good, but they would get worn down by the end of the game. McCarron would also make quick work of their secondary.

And Notre Dame's offense really is not that good. The one touchdown they scored on us was essentially handed to them. The solid teams that Notre Dame has beaten (UMich, MSU) has been done on the shoulders of its defense. Notre Dame's offense basically just had to show up and play an average game, at best. And then, of course, they score a lot of points on so-so teams.

I give credit where credit is due. Notre Dame has one of the better front sevens in the country, and Manti Te'o is a god amongst mere mortals. But Alabama has a whole team of those kinds of players. I would not be surprised to see Alabama run away with that game.


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Based on Alabama being Alabama and their schedule being dowright fluffy other than @LSU, I see them effortlessly making the SEC Championship game.  Once there Florida or SC could give them an interesting run, but I doubt it'd be enough.  An undefeated Alabama will make the championship game over and undefeated anyone else (outside of the SEC) because they're coming from the ESS EEE SEE.

If Alabama chokes @LSU and LSU goes undefeated the rest of the regular season, but falls in the SEC Champ game in either a rematch with Florida or to South Carolina then I see an SEC east contender possibly making the Championship game, but it would take some crazy upsets in the SEC conference schedule to not have them get a team in at all.

Outside of Alabama I agree that Oregon looks like the most complete team.  I suppose I need to watch some Kansas state before I can comment much further on the top of the rankings though.  They've kinda been off my radar, but based on their scores and everything, they're solid.

I don't see WVU running the table.  Their defense shows up occasionally at best and while their offense is going to make statements all season they're not quite perfect.  Geno Smith almost certainly deserves the Heisman and if they weren't on the same team what I saw from Tavon Austin suggest he should be in that converstation as well.  KState or OU will probably get to them...  If/When WVU loses it'll be like 31-35 or something; but it can happen.

Notre Dama is unlikely to run the table.  Both USC and OU look have favorable matchups vs the Irish in their passing game and defenses.  They'll fall to one or both.  This seems like the year that the Fighting Irish make a return to the BCS bowls and some amount of national relevance, but not a year that they can make it to the big one.


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However, I think WVU and Oregon would get the nod over a one loss SEC team. What do you think?


I don't think a 1 loss Alabama, for example, doesn't make it to the national championship game.  The media is too in love with the SEC. 

A OU v WVU game would be a riot.  98-96 would be the final score.