WTKA Victors Lounge Passes (4) - Up For Grabs // Charity Tailgate Update

Submitted by bigdemo on November 16th, 2018 at 3:20 PM

I won't be tailgating or bringing the bus this weekend due to a broken foot. Getting old sucks. The Charity Tailgate is open 12-5p still though, so go in and get a beer to raise money for the Cancer Support Community.  327 E Hoover.

If you like, you can enter to win my 4 WTKA Victors lounge passes. Drawing a winner (random.org) at 5pm.  Must use all 4 passes. Must be 21+. If you win, I will add your name to the guest list. Enter Here:  https://t.co/zbP7bcmxN4

Lastly, if you have not watched the new YouTube show that Seth and I are doing, would love if you check it out.  If you want to get on the email list to get it blasted out to you, you can join here.