WTKA This Morning: Brandon, Beilein, and Brian

Submitted by M-Wolverine on September 2nd, 2010 at 11:06 AM

I'm not trying to turn into a hype machine for the station, but they had a number of interesting interviews this morning, which included Dave Brandon (must be the first post BTN reaction); Beilein about the European tour; and Brian and Ira talking season (which actually I missed and am listening to now, because I had to go away from the radio, and didn't know what was happening. (Thanks for the warning, Brian.  What have you been doing all week?  ;-)

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5a - John Beilein in-studio Part 1a


5b - John Beilein in-studio Part 1b



6 - John Beilein in-studio Part 2


8a - David Brandon


8b - David Brandon


10 - Brian Cook Part 1



11a - Ira and Brian preview this season


11b - Ira and Brian preview this season




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Beilein- step off the bus, play a team from the Euro League…sense of how good you have to be to make the NBA (because these guys didn’t)….some abominable quarters…debate team name pronunciation…all 13 guys played, combinations, seeing how guys do in situations…first game would have been a 10 point win if it had been the fourth game…they moved the 3 point line back to nearly the NBA line without the team knowing (they just did it 2 weeks ago)…lots of team name definitions, Travis Conlan love…DJ played loudly during the game…Jack the Chihuahua dog left them a lot of poop… players never left country before, did tours, double decker bus roof crashed down in the rain (hit lady, not players), kids thank staff for the trip, more Conlan love (I get the feeling he really likes Travis)…saw Graham Brown over there (Chris Young is there too), they come back in the summer (that’s a goal)…pushes for some football questions, loves how a football practice works with 100 guys, who’s the starting QB? He wisely won’t say…Deshawn measured at 6’6 ¾” at NBA camps, and he was our center, now we have some 6’8” guys…starter upfront may only be in there for first play, 4 man Evan and Colton Christian will have a shot, 5 freshman have a shot to play a lot up front…10-11 guys in an 8 or 9 man rotation..wants kids to play free, read the defense, not play scripted…Darius Morris didn’t shoot the ball well, concerning, but worked hard, kept care of the ball, can run our offense, blow by people, tremendous assists, will learn what a good shot is for him, working his tail off…every assistant gives us something different, tremendous job recruiting, like mentor/leadership…knows Randy Edsell, brother an ACC official, don’t sleep on U-Conn, Michigan 20-17


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The Game- Felt Fan reaction was important….managing expectations….would get emails from someone who graduated in 2006 explaining the rivalry to him.. politicing would be bad form…don’t know how you lay it out any better for Michigan…other schools gave up more…came out of it really really well…might decide to take a hiatus with ND, door opened for that possibility, 9 game schedule will make us rethink how we’ll schedule non-conference games to get to 7 home games….every main artery to the Stadium is torn up (see other thread), get here early….have a great time, be in your seats ready to focus on the field no later than quarter after 3 (ceremonies for Stadium, Brock Mealer story on video board, mic’d bands)…water giveaway, fans don’t know what they don’t know, how many fountains, concessions there are, Absopure commercial…Announcement – Brandon will not start at QB…great job, ass kissing by Sam…


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"I’ve run public companies for the last 22 years. I’ve gotten pretty good at managing expectations.    A way to exceed expectations is to manage them [laughs].  We were in a situation where it was absolutely unclear what the ultimate decision was going to be and I wanted to make that known that it was unclear and the fan reaction was very helpful and very important."