WTF is going on at GBW/with Sam Webb?

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Saw this in the thread 2 down from this one.

WTH. Are there any other GBW members that post here that speak about this?


Sam was also asked (after his latest article) to give a percentage on getting Jim and he said 60-40. Things are getting strange over on GBW. Sam is basically censoring Tom Beaver and telling the GBW members (his customers) that if they don't like what he has to say they can leave. I could be wrong but that doesn't seem like the best way to run a business. I've always liked Sam but he's turned into a real prick for some reason.



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It's a Saturday and there's no real news. Sam needs to drum up some clicks, because everyone involved with the search (as well as many of the candidates) are doing other things today. Like coaching.


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Yes.  I do wonder how long the bubble can last of people paying monthly subscription fees to Scout/Rivals for shitty content that doesn't really give you any information you can't get from places like MGoBlog, etc.  People are probably starting to figure that out.

Honestly I have never paid a dime for GBW or any other premium service and I have never once felt out of the loop or uninformed.


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He's gotten very strange in the last year, Especially since brady fell into his appending doom. I think he needs to take a vacation after the coaching search and reset. Too many five syllable words.


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I really used to like him as a person. 

It's like the pressure of the fan base's frustration has changed him in a bad way. 

I also think having a kid has suddenly made him feel the rest of us are all ridiculous. 

Which, like, miracle of life, but I know plenty of people with kids. 

He's become very touchy, and, in my opinion, extremely unprofessional on twitter - and sometimes even on the board. 


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His sources are dried up. He only has Singletary and Fred Jackson and both are out of the loop right now and jobs. His lively hood is based on having recruiting info and with those two gone he is basically listening to people like Jamie Morris and a few others who honestly Hackett wouldn't share what's going on with them.


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But I read an article yesterday where Tom told the poster that he could leave, not Sam. I like Sam, but I tolerate (barely) Tom. I actually unsubscribed for a year or so because I couldn't stand him any longer. When I signed back up I was quickly reminded why I had unsubcribed.


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They are trying to drum up new subscriptions with this clickbait shit.  The promotion that Sam and Beav are tweeting about must not be generating enough interest.


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Why is he acting more jerk-ish lately? Probably due to threads like the one below, which features dozens of comments ripping Sam despite most of these people not being GBW readers and thus not getting his full comments in context. If you read/listen to Sam regularly, you know he's always careful with how he releases information and lets you know when there's room for error or a change of plans (be it recruiting, coaching changes, whatever).

Then you get people that come over here or other Michigan fan sites and take the most unpleasant news or tidbits he reports (or the most positive) and rip them out of context, making him look like a debbie downer, clueless, or both.

Case in point: in OP's post, Sam gives his odds of us landing Jim H. at 60% - better odds than anyone not named Gregg Henson(!). Yet, he also is reporting Schiano and Addazio are creating some buzz as backup options. But because Sam had the temerity to report this unpleasant bit of business, he's getting ripped apart. If I was him, I'd be pissed off too.

Now I will grant, Sam's not always right and at times his sources have been off. But, he's always up front with how much stock to put into what he's telling you. For the life of me, I don't understand why people rip on him so much.


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He's been wrong and late with information this season. People simply asked for clarification the past few days. He was contradicting himself and Toms info. When asked about it he responded with censoring Tom. This is becoming a pattern with Sam. Remember his "echo chamber" rant a few weeks ago?

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Sam is a recruiting guy (Chris Singletary)

The past 6 weeks has shown how "wrong" (late) Sam is on other stuff.  In the "scoop" business, being weeks behind everyone else on the curve even if ultimately correct is just plain wrong.  He was the last guy to concede Brandon was gone.  He was the last guy to concede Hoke had no chance to save his job.

Effic Gregg Henson said both Hoke and Brandon were gone weeks before it happened - at the same time Webb was in their camp tooth and nail.

Sam is not someone to go to for this - recruits...yes?  The rest of it? No.  But he is trying to appear in the know.