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Taylor Mays just became my favorite non-Michigan player after this quote in the posted article, in which he predicted the winner of this year's Heisman:

"McCoy is going to win," says USC safety Taylor Mays, his reasoning being that Mr. McCoy is the only one of the big three quarterbacks yet to win. "Then they could have a little Heisman brunch."


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it is a little sad, imo, that the heisman trophy is no longer the award given to "the most outstanding player in collegiate football," but rather to "the most outstanding qb or rb in collegiate football."

edit: ufr, the heisman was pretty much always given to the most outstanding qb or rb. Charles Woodson (only defensive player), Desomond Howard, and 3 other receivers are the only non-qb/rb's of the 73 winners.


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In the last 50 years of the Heisman Trophy, from 1958-2008, only three players who did not play in the offensive backfield have won the award, Tim Brown in 1987, Desmond Howard in 1991, and Charles Woodson in 1997.

There's actually something very amusing in that Michigan, one of the old school paragons of "running the ball" has had as its only two post-WWII Heisman winners a pair of players who caught the ball, in one form or another (or technically a third).

Also, I think when you think about it, I think would be hard for a wide receiver (who did not return kicks) to win the Heisman. If you had a wide receiver who caught enough passes to win the Heisman, it's likely that the quarterback on that team would garner consideration as well, since someone has to throw said player those passes. When Desmond won the award, he did have an iconic catch as a wide receiver (critical situation, game winning catch, and laying full out to get it) but the "Hello Heisman" moment is the punt return.

(Sorry that went a little off topic, I also went back and watched the footage and realized that under the current rules, Desmond would have been flagged at least twice on that play, once for the fist pumps starting at the 20 and again for the pose.)