The WRs look so much better...

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with a strong-armed, accurate QB throwing them the ball.

Now, before Team Butthurt shows up in full force, I'm gonna note that every single Michigan player tabbed as "underacheiving" on this site OTHER than Denard comes in for their fair share of criticism.

Roundtree had 19 grabs last year..obviously he had a "slump". Right? He's making plays left and right now.

Receivers not looking amazing? People ready to critcize them left and right. Denard making mistakes? It's everone else's fault BUT his. Any cirticisms to players other than Denard are acceptable (if you can explain them rationally) on this site.

EDIT: I don't want to come off as a dick, no matter how unpopular this opinion is. Sorry if I've offended you. But I stand by my point.




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A million times this. And to the OP, if you want to think Gardner is better, whatever. But you did say it in a totally dickish, confrontational way. Also, considering you talk about how good it is to have a "strong-armed" quarterback, it seems you haven't seen Denard play for the last 4 years; arm strength is not his weakness.


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Won't argue that as too many have. It's as old as talking about our last coach. That said, again, I think at least half of our 3 game passing success rides on the opposing defenses as it does Devin and the WRs. Credit to them as most balls have been decently thrown and on time, etc. Yet, when against Minny and this obviously mediocre Iowa defense it says a lot. I'll take one side or the other after next week. Heck, maybe not even then?


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Not asspained at all but I think a decent portion of it IS having a taller, more accurate and yet still mobile QB (not Denard level, though). Yet, I also suspect a lot of it has to do with his starts having been against defenses that are average at best. osu's second team is as good as Minny and this iowa defense, IMO (and osu's defense first team is talented but not playing well). Tons of credit to Gardner and the WRs! I just think much of it is bad opposing defenses.

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I didn't mean to upvote you because I think the thread is in bad taste and "flamebait". But I refuse to reverse it with a downvote because I do believe it's the truth and you'll be getting plenty anyway.


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IF and only IF Devin Gardner can repeat these performances against OSU, then finally a legitimate debate can be made for Gardner being the better option at QB. 

On to the subject though the WRs have looked very good the past few weeks although that may be due to the competition level. 


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I think the decision has already been made.  Hoke was saying postgame that Borgers came uo with nine plays for Denard to be in the backfield with Devin as QB before this game.  I'd bet that Gardner plays QB at Ohio.  Should make things a bit more interesting for Fickell to defend.

Gardner has 13 (I think )TD's in the last few weeks,  and was 18 of 23 today with a QB rating of 227.3, which is insane.  Check his stats over the last three weeks.


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It's actually a pretty good topic but why be a dick about it in the orignal post?

It was mentioned that the receivers are running better routes and I would agree.  I think I would be motivated to run better routes if I knew there was a damn good chance the ball was going to get to me.  That being said, I really like Denard and Devin in there together.  Urban has to be soiling his undies just a little bit. 


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Plays a lot better at QB than he practices, and thus this kind of offense we have seen today was not looking practical.  With Toussaint injured and out, and Denard looking to be unable to throw, this plan makes sense.

Note the interception Devin just tossed, we'll never know what would have happened had Devin stayed at QB, water under the bridge, and I wonder how long Denard's arm was not 100% earlier this year before Nebraska.

Meanwhile, a guy named Jim Bob Tressel on our board tries to create a QB controversy the week before we play the two of the three greatest evils in college football, Ohio and Urban Meyers (Nick Saban is 3rd).  Why should anyone be surprised? 

Given your attitude, enjoy your trip, your plane is boarding for:


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There is no "controversy" and a post on a message board certainly won't damage Michigan's prep for Ohio State. If you're looking at a guy who's accumulated 9 TD/ 9 INT in over half a season versus a guy who's doing what Gardner is doing right now....

It's not a contest.


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Your approach is terrible and not even reasonable.  Denard Robinson is not Tom Brady.  Nobody disputes this.  Denard Robinson is not a good pure passing quarterback.  Nobody disputes this.

But Roy Roundtree did just fine in 2010 (72 receptions) with Denard at the helm.  So you need something other than "Roy Roundtree is catching more passes" to back up your argument.

And if you anticipate "butthurt" and feel the need to drop that gif, well, there's probably no help for you.


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While I can't say with 100% certainty that you're wrong.  It does seems more than chance that the recievers are making more plays with Devin at QB than Denard.  I personally think it's Devin's decision making that makes him so good versus the ball he throws.  Although I have seen recievers make plays on balls he's thrown that weren't in the right spot either ala the Gallon catch that he had to switch shoulders and adjust to.  But, why point that out on senior day when our best athlete, and all around great guy, is unable to play his position and lead the team he loves for his final time at Michigan stadium.  I won't neg the post, and I don't even really have a problem with someone pointing out your opinion in a thread assuming is done respectifully, but you failed to do either while making your point.  


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To come off rude, but I agree with you 100%. I also admire you for rolling the dice on your MGoPoints like that. Good luck in Bolivia homie. Its been a pleasure...


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The O is just a lot more pass oriented with Gardner. Allows the QB and the WRs to get in a rhythm when we throw the ball moe than 30% of the time.

I imagine its hard playing WR when you know you are only going to get 2-3 looks per game. You have to switch from blocking/decoy to ON for the catch,

Either way, looks good heading into OSU. RBs will need to keep the OSU D honest but I think the Gardner / Denard mix can make things happen. Most importantly, they can keep the chains moving keeping Braxton off the field.


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I don't think Devin necessarily has a stronger arm than Denard.

The difference is the accuracy and the touch.  Denard either throws the ball on a line or he leaves it up in the air forever.

After a couple years of terrible/mediocre quarterbacking from Threet, Sheridan, and Forcier, it seemed like Michigan fans forgot what a good passer should look like.  Robinson is one of the best running QBs in history, but he's not a throwing QB.  There's a reason that most teams wanted him for cornerback...


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This thread isn't "critizcize Denard" because of his play. it was a thread made to point out, rightfully, that the WRs are underrated and given too little credit. The Denard mafia is here in full force though, attacking anyone who disagrees with their world view.

The WRs are rightfully flourishing now in a less erratic passing offense. They're turning in plays all over the damn place. Sorry if i'm a Michigan football fan, not solely a Denard fan.


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Formula for starting a thread that will get negged to oblivion:

1. Bring up a topic that has been discussed ad naseum.

2. Add absolutely nothing to what has already been said a hundred times.

3. Do it in an overly defensive and douchey way, as if holding this opinion makes you a martyr.

4. Do it when there's still a game going on.

Congrats, you've accomplished your mission.


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I haven't seen this topic discussed before.  Topic being how the receivers have potentially been underrated because of Denard's clearly superior running ability compared to his passing ability.  It is not "Hey man, Denard is the worst!!" like the groupthink contingient seems to think.