Wrestling Results (against Minn & Iowa)

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I'll keep the results here on the Board as they aren't as coveted as the previews.


Michigan’s last 4 duals have been teams ranked: #6, #3, #5 and #2.  Keep that in mind.  It is frustrating to see a promising team crash to reality, but, that’s what happens.  The most frustrating part isn’t that they lost though, but, that they didn’t put up their best effort.  Momentum played way too big a roll in the scores, creating a bigger gap then probably existed.  Although I think Michigan is structured better for team duals, they may benefit from getting to the tournaments.


Report Card:

  • Prove your rank -  A+.  Russell took on the two top contenders and won both.
  • Hold your own – D-.  Boyle stuck in both matches, Collins majored and only kept pace in his last match with a dual that was just about locked up anyways.
  • Step up time – C-. Zeerip was the bright spot here with one upset and two solid showings.  Yates looked out of his league and Apland let both duals momentum get to him with two poor appearances.
  • Take care of business – B.  I was going to be a lot tougher on Grajales after Minnesota.  However, Zilverberg turned around and pushed a top 5 guy in his next dual.  So, he’s wrestling good.  But, Still needed that win.  His major Sunday got some nice bonus points.



#5 Minnesota @ #10 Michigan


Some bad luck and dropping some key matches early, doomed Michigan in this one.  The Sanders pin on Boyle put a big ut uh on the rest of the dual.  Stevens and Grajales let needed wins get away and made promising efforts like Justin Zeerips upset become a moot point.


Bout By Bout


  • 125 – Sean Boyle(So) vs#5 Zach Sanders(Jr)  Boyle was putting up a strong showing here to kick off the dual.  Then he got caught, stacked and it was over.  It happens.  UM-0, Minn-6
  • 133 - #20 Zac Stevens(Jr) vs David Thorn(Fr)  Stevens came out flat here and opened the door for the upset.  Thorn has been turning a corner, but, Michigan let one get away.  UM-0, Minn-9
  • 141 - #1 Kellen Russell(Jr) vs #2 Mike Thorn(Sr)  Typical Russell match.  Took that match into sudden victory.  Got the takedown to win it.  Looked like the better wrestler throughout the match.  UM-3, Minn-9
  • 149 – Eric Grajales(Fr) vs David Zilverberg(Fr)  Zilverberg got a quick takedown to get the edge and won the match riding Grajales out most of it.  Although Zilverberg has really turning it on, Michigan let another one it could not lose, slip.  UM-3, Minn-12
  • 157 - Brandon Zeerip(Fr) vs Joe Grygelko(Jr)  Minnesota switched it up and went with Matt Mincey(So)  Zeerip jumped on him quick on the way to bonus points, but, faltered down the stretch and came away with only a decision.  UM-6, Minn-12
  • 165 - #19 Dan Yates(Fr) vs #11 Cody Yohn(So)  Yates got himself behind the eight ball quick, getting taken down and put on his back twice.  From then on he was in the thick of it.  Might have some to do with Yohn working with his early lead.  UM-6, Minn-15
  • 174 – Justin Zeerip(Jr) vs #12 Scott Glasser(Sr)  First real bright spot for the Wolverines as Zeerip upsets #12.  Tough match and a big win for him.  Rank him already!  UM-9, Minn-15
  • 184 – Hunter Collins(So) vs #9 Kevin Steinhaus(Fr)  Collins didn’t look good from the go and the theme carried out through the match, giving up the major.  UM-9, Minn-19
  • 197 - #11 Anthony Biondo(Sr) vs Joe Nord(Sr)  Biondo was in control of this match the whole way.  Things started slow and he made a last ditch effort in the 3rdfor bonus points, but, came away with just a decision.  UM-12, Minn-19
  • 285 - #10 Ben Apland(So) vs #8 Tony Nelson(Fr)  Dual was already decided, but, a good matchup here.  Apland was sloppy with his shots and its something he’s shown all year.  Nelson took advantage and came away with the win.  UM-12, Minn-22


Final Team Score Prediction: Michigan-19   Minnesota-12

Final Score:  Michigan-12   Minnesota-22


#10 Michigan @ #2 Iowa


Iowa on Senior Day.  Lots of key matches that had Michigan needing to beat a guy most likely a little favored.  I wasn’t optimistic and I wasn’t wrong in being so.  You here the most about Iowa.  Sometimes when you know a lot about a team, you start thinking they’re that much better, when only it’s just the fact you have more info on them.  That said……They are that good. 


Bout By Bout


  • 125 – Sean Boyle vs #1 Matt McDonough(So)  I knew Boyle was in for it, but, I thought he could end the pin streak McDonough is on.  When it includes the #2 guy though, maybe I should have given him more credit.  He is just a lot better then Boyle.  UM-0, Iowa-6
  • 133 - #20 Zac Stevens vs #8 Tony Ramos(Fr)  This was a concern match for me as Stevens seemed overmatched.  But, he ended up taking a 1-0 lead into the 3rd.  That’s when Ramos turned it up a notch to get the win.  But, holding it to a decision was a good thing.  UM-0, Iowa-9
  • 141 - #1 Kellen Russell vs #3 Montell Marion(Jr)  I think this is Russells top contender.  Russell had to open it up a little more playing into Marion’s style, but, he also proved to be the stronger guy as the extra time hit.  UM-3, Iowa-9
  • 149 – Eric Grajales vs Mark Ballweg(So)  Grajales got a shot at another undersized 149lber.  Really took it to him and picked up some big bonus points, taking advantage of the rare Iowa weak spot.  UM-7, Iowa-9
  • 157 - Brandon Zeerip vs #7 Derek St. John(Fr)  St. John has been impressive of late and just wore Zeerip down.  Never in doubt.  UM-7, Iowa-12
  • 165 - #19 Dan Yates vs #13 Aaron Janssen(Sr)  Was hoping for a good showing out of Yates, but, a senior on senior night took it to him to the tune of 5 takedowns.  UM-7, Iowa-15
  • 174 – Justin Zeerip vs #11 Ethen Lofthouse(Fr)  Another tough matchup for Justin.  He gave it a strong go, but, came up short.  This was one of those must haves if Michigan wanted to stay in the match.  One I think he could win, just didn’t this time.  UM-7, Iowa-18
  • 184 – Hunter Collins vs #12 Grant Gambrall(So)  Gambrall got up on Collins and then just coasted leading to Iowa’s 4thstraight win and hammering in the nail.  UM-7, Iowa-21
  • 197 - #11 Anthony Biondo vs #8 Luke Lofthouse(Sr)  Biondo got out to a 1stperiod lead on Lofthouse, but, you sort of felt the momentum of the entire match had drained the energy out of Michigan by this point and Biondo faded.  UM-7, Iowa-24
  • 285 - #10 Ben Apland vs Blake Rasing(Jr)  If you didn’t think momentum wasn’t playing a factor, you became convinced there.  Apland got away from his strengths and played Rasing’s game…..all the way to his back. Pretty typical for something like this to happen in an out of hand dual.  Apland needs to really clean things up though.  He is pretty good on his feet for a Hwt. and needs to steer matches in that direction more.  UM-7, Iowa-30


Final Team Score Prediction:   Michigan-9   Iowa-22

Final Score:   Michigan-7   Iowa-30


Both duals look worse then they should have, but, they are also reminders Michigan still has a ways to go before they are battling with the elite.  As I said earlier, I think duals fit their team right now the best, but, that the tournaments ahead may be a good chance for each guy to focus on himself without the outside influence of the team as a whole.  Michigan State is the last dual before Big Tens and I think that’s the best matchup for them right now.  Solid opponent, that they should beat to get that winning feeling and confidence back. 



February 14th, 2011 at 6:24 PM ^

"Michigan still has a ways to go before they are battling with the elite."

Is Michigan historically elite at wrestling, or no? I don't know too much about wrestling, but I know the Big Ten is supposed to be nasty, which your recaps would definitely support.


February 14th, 2011 at 6:40 PM ^

And that is not a knock on the program or any of the guys on the team. Has Michigan had elite wrestlers in the past, for sure (Churlla Sr., Trost, Joe Mac, Bertin, Luke) are all past NCAA champs that I would consider elite guys.  Many recent guys have been multi AA's (Ryan and Josh Churlla, Eric Tannenbaum, Tyrel Todd Otto Olson, Andy Hrovat and Greg Wagner) come to mind.  But when you ask is Michigan wrestling as a team elite, I would say no and the reason is b/c there are really only two elite wrestling teams ever, Iowa and Okie State.


edit... Joe Mac never won the NCAA's


February 14th, 2011 at 6:44 PM ^

Michigan has flirted with the elite ranks in the past, but, nothing consistant.  There seems to always be a group of usual suspects like Iowa and Penn State that see down years more rare then title contending ones. 

Michigan has a lot going for it and some big advantages in place to grow.  I don't see any reason they can't set being among the elite as a realistic goal in the near future. 

And the Big Ten is head and shoulders above any conference.  some perspective. the big ten just about doubles the next closest conference in NCAA chamionship tournament invites.


February 15th, 2011 at 1:33 AM ^

I don't follow wrestling as much as I should. I wrestled in high school and went to states my senior year and was there at The Palace to see Justin Zeerip win his last match to stay undefeated in high school. Once I got to Michigan I went to a few matches my first two years. I loved watching Churella and Luke own people. I definitely appreciate the recaps