Would you Hoke back to coach D line.

Submitted by hokamania on December 6th, 2018 at 8:33 PM

I liked him personally just couldn't get results. Also was decent recruiter.



December 7th, 2018 at 11:37 AM ^

Hoke's a great guy, but... Recruiting is getting the kinds of players that we need. Can't get all your top choices, and academic requirements are limiting us. But looking at this 2019 class that promises to finish up with a couple more top kids, I'm not ready to have Hoke back for anything beyond Special Assistant for Clapping. 

Jedd Fisch, however... JEDD FISCH HOWEVER... I think we need to find Pep Hamilton a good job somewhere else, and hire ourselves a new OC/Passing Game Coordinator who will fill our playbook with some of that GOOD SH*T

He's currently an "offensive assistant" with the Rams. Get it done, Warde. Go get him!


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Hoke was a good recruiter and he would follow the lead of recruiting players JH and Brown pointed him to. Mattison isn’t going to coach forever so after he leaves I would take Hoke as the DL coach

Fisch wants to be  HC. Think he would be a great OC but don’t think he’s looking to retrace his coaching steps. He’s looking to get an HC job as soon as possible 


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Assuming Mattison retired, yes.  He was a good recruiter and families love him, and the one area he seemed competent coaching was D Line.  I wouldn't want him in a DC role (again, assuming Brown retired) but as a position coach, I think he could work.  


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He was (is) a very good Dline coach so for that aspect, sure why not?  But because of him having been HC here, I think it would be a huge distraction.  I also doubt he would take that job.


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He was a good defensive line coach, but in reality we burned this bridge when we brought him in to be the head coach. I would think having him back in Ann Arbor in ANY capacity at this point would be awkward and uncomfortable. 

Blue Ninja

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No I don't think its a good idea to bring back a fired former head coach as a position coach. With his ability to hold down coordinator and position coach jobs since I think it seems he's lost it.


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I cannot imagine this happening. I don't think he'd do a bad job. He seems to be a very competent D-line coach, and a solid recruiter (of the same position group). But having said that, I don't think this is the kind of thing one does. 

When you've had the top job at a school, do you come back to be just a guy? I think there would be too much awkwardness on that one.

Having said that, I continue to hope that Coach Hoke does well professionally. While he was not a good HC, he bleeds Maize and Blue and that has to count for something.


December 7th, 2018 at 10:31 AM ^

Mattison is probably still the best around. 

This board makes me feel crazy for wanting to think carefully about if Mattison might be a little past his best days and what the team needs.

Defensive Ends have been recruited well and in Winovich/Paye/Uche/Wormley’s case especially developed well.  

Tackles are not a “zero concern” area. Glasgow reached his ceiling or close to it, So did Hurst. it’s  too early to know about Solomon/Dwumfour/Kemp but Solomon seems on track when healthy. There is not “zero concern” about Dwumfour or Kemp as both have a ways to go even compared to Solomon who is close in age. Combine that with Irving-Bey leaving and Jeter being seemingly further away than others and I don’t think it’s crazy to at least consider carefully if this group is on the best path and getting the best guidance even if the answer proves to be, “yes there is nobody better than Mattison”. 


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When mattison retires, sure. Until then, hell no. Granted he is a good d line coach, but we have mattison right now who is just better. 


December 7th, 2018 at 10:29 PM ^

Yes, Hoke was a great D line coach and an even better recruiter.  Plus, Greg Mattison is getting up there.

Brady loves Michigan and doesn’t have the ego to think he couldn’t dare take a step backwards.


Honk if Ufer M…

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"Would you Hoke back to coach D-line?"

The thread title sounded like he was using his Hoken English to ask if we would like Hoke back to coach d-line, but clearly his English is even worse than you thought and so is yours because none of you has realized what the question was in American Football English.....

Would YOU "Hoke back" to coach the d-line? He's obviously asking if any of YOU would walk from San Diego back to Ann Arbor in order to coach the D-line! This is Michigan for god sake's and NONE of you were even aware, let alone fully aware of what "to Hoke back" means??? Put your headsets on and go to bed!

And which ones of you WOULD Hoke back to coach d-line? Answer the man's damn question! Come on!