"The worst team that I ever covered???"

Submitted by gustave ferbert on November 30th, 2014 at 10:36 AM

per Angelique Chengelis on "A View from the Backfield."  Wow


Even worse than the 3-9 team



Mocha Cub

November 30th, 2014 at 4:58 PM ^


It's now up for people to listen to who didn't catch the broadcast. It's in segment 4...she initially said that it was one of the worst teams that she has covered and then later said it was the worst. Also thinks that Michigan needs to consider a JUCO or regular transfer at the QB position.



She also seems to think that Hackett has been evaluating all along and will move quickly on a decision regarding Hoke.


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Can you elaborate for the rest of us please? Not disputing her but did she provide reasons/context? Angelique obviously has a better sense of the program overall so Im curious if she expanded "worst team" beyond on the field performance. 


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She conceded that the Rodriguez 3-9 season would be in the running for the worst, but that lack of player development tips the balance. She noted that 3-9 occurred in the first year of Rodriguez's tenure while we're in yr 4 of Hoke.


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This is dumb. If that was her reasoning, this would make it the most disappointing or most underachieving team, not the worst.

This team would run circles around that 3-9 team. I know there is a lot of hyperbole around this program right now, but please.


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Yeah, the Toledo loss was terrible. I can't say that I would expect many coaches to do a whole lot better than 3-9, but the Toledo and Purdue losses were very, very bad. We should have been at least 4-8 that year, with the allowance that Wisconsin should have beaten us.


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I almost hate to say that I agree with you in this respect, and for me, it has much more to do with the fact that the 2014 - on paper - had answers at several positions that the 2008 team probably didn't. In other words, whereas I felt in 2008 that there was the possibility of a down year in terms of potential due to some talent gaps, I didn't have this feeling necessarily save for nagging questions like the OL and a few other issues. This was just disappointing all around.


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Concussion-gate, spike-gate, AD-gate, students-not-showing-up-gate.  There was more off the field drama surrounding that team and more promise for the future back then with the existing coaching staff.

Cali Wolverine

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Hoke had the support Rich Rod never had and was able to recruit kids that Rich Rod never could...yet here we are again. Rich Rod had a scheme that did not fit well here for whatever reason (but is a perfect fit in Tuscon...by the way all my Zona friends think he is bolting for Florida). Hoke was a "Michigan Man" and..."just couldn't execute." Ultimate disappointment.


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I'v seen the same Mattison's losing pattern in every 2nd qrt. Letting opponents march down the field within 2 min. with a soft zone defense. When I see it's tired, I turn off tv. I know they will not win no matter how hard the players try.

I still have not seen how the OSU qb got injured.


I did the same thing in RR's last year. As much as I love Michigan fottball, It's just oo much to get tortured when you see the losing pattern, and it's clear that it's on coaching staff. I would rather spend my time with my kids. My 2.5 years old just come to block the tv every Sat and tell me face to face, "don't watch football". How can I turn him down.

gustave ferbert

November 30th, 2014 at 12:25 PM ^

there was that holding penalty before the punted to OSU before the half.  

1) I knew they wouldn't recover and end up punting or worse.

2) Once OSU got the ball, they were going to score. And I expected them to take the lead after halftime because they were going to get the ball.