worst team in the B1G?

Submitted by teldar on September 8th, 2013 at 11:39 AM
My money's on Purdue. MSU is a close second, I believe. I think they have now scored 2 offensive touchdowns in 2 games. I could be wrong. I still see their offense being outscored by their defense on the year. I haven't seen enough to call a third, but it may be Indiana. Their defense seems non-existent with a decent offense though. I think I've seen something like that before. Michigan may be the best. OSU was unimpressive last week and respectable this week. Wisconsin has two shutouts with almost 100 points scored. Not too bad.



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State is a middle of the pack team right now, and barring some miracle-in-the-river blessing on one of their quarterbacks, they're gonna just hope they end up even in conference play.


Purdue, however, is making Notre Dame very happy for the future.

Michigan Arrogance

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both teams they have played lost, and convincingly so, to I-AA teams. MSU is having dog fights with these teams till the 3rd Qtr when they get a Defensive TD.


Let this sink in for a few seconds. I mean, just read it and don't do anything but digest it for 20-30 seconds.


1) MSU played 2 teams whose defenses allowed their I-AA opponents to score a combined  80 pts.



2) against those same defenses, the MSU offense scored 13pts in BOTH games combined.


unless they improve DRAMATICALLY, they will go 2-6 in the B10.*

* Assuming they play Purdue twice

Space Coyote

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Is better than Purdue, Iowa, or MSU's offense. But Iowa and Purdue don't even have very good defenses. MSU is probably middle of the pack. Teams like Purdue, Iowa, Minnesota, are all clearly worse at this point because MSU does, in fact, have a great defense.


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Honestly impossible to evaluation Wiscy or Nebraska.  Nebraska beat an 0-12 team last week after getting tested by Wyoming.  Wiscy has beaten UMass and Tenn....Tech.   I have no idea what Wisconsin is.  Northwestern has been impressive, going on the road for a game that usually teams from the Big 10 lose - the early Pac 12 matchup then blasting Syracuse.  The final score is not indicative of how dominating NW was yesterday.  UM and OSU are really the only 2 balanced teams - all the others are very weighted on one side of the ball or the other.  Purdue sucks.


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They couldn't block, they couldn't tackle, they had nothing.  The BT played almost all wuss teams yesterday that didn't test them at all, so I don't think we can judge much.  Except that Purdue really sucks.  NW is solid and well-coached, but hey...Portland State scored 30 against Cal.


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Other than an allowance for travel expenses, the bowl payouts are shared equally among conference members. Iowa making a bowl would only net them 1/12 (about to be 1/14) of whatever the remainder of their bowl payout is after paying for a 737 and hotel rooms and whatnot. On a low tier bowl that might end up in the $30-50k range.


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I think the praise for Sparty's defense is a little premature (and the panic about the offense is, if anything, understated).  They've beaten WMU (lost to FCS Nicholls State) and South Florida (blown out by FCS McNeese State 53-21).  We won't know much about them until week 4 at ND, but I have a feeling the Irish are going to destroy them.


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There is nothing that leads me to believe that MSU's defense won't be anything but very good. They didn't lose a ton from last year and have pretty good depth everywhere but the DL. And if there's anything that Dantonio knows other than how to be grumpy, it's defense. Their offense will put their defense in position to give up some points. I see a score similar to last year's MSU-ND game.

Mr Miggle

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the praise for MSU's defense started long before those cupcake games. It's a known commodity and it would be a major surprise if they weren't very good this season. Maybe if their offense continues their struggles they'll get frustrated, but I fully expect MSU to be a tough team that plays some ugly games. 


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I graduated in 2006 from Purdue, Masters from Michigan hence my presence on this site. This Purdue team is the worst in the Big Ten, and the worst Purdue team in at least 20 years, probably 30 years.

Next worst is probably either iowa or IU.


Minnesota, Illinois, MSU in the next group. 

NW, Wisco, Neb, PSU. They c

Ohio and Michigan on top. 


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Holy hell they are bad.  I would put Iowa in just barely above that... with Indiana/Minnesota duking it out as the token "mostly bad team but will probably upset a team they shouldn't" team.  Illinois might actually not be a complete tire fire, and MSU's defense alone will keep them hanging around most games they play. 


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Well, it doesn't get much worse if you are Purdue. It's only 2 games and a few things are in the "middling range", but in Division I right now, they are:

 - 116th in total offense

- tied for 55th in total defense

- tied for 111th in red zone offense

- 49th in rushing defense

- 70th in passing yards allowed

- tied for 79th in scoring defense

- 99th in passing offense

-103rd in rushing offense

- 100th in 3rd down conversion percentage

Well, you get the picture...


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MSU has a DE with 3 touchdowns. Their offense has a total of 2. I LOL'd a little.

But Purdue is epically bad - worst in the league and not close.


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Indiana, Minnesota, Iowa

MSU, Illinois

Penn St

N'W, Nebraska

Wisconsin, OSU

M (don't know if we're the best team, but I'm putting us here b/c we've played somebody with a pulse)