Worst Loss (personel wise) this season

Submitted by Hail-Storm on November 30th, 2010 at 2:03 PM

I know a lot has been made of losing Wolfork..er..woolful...um...T-Wolf from the secondary this year, and how he could have really helped this defense.  I also have heard a lot about Turner, and Dorsey, and hence why our defense was so thin and weak.  I disagree that this is why we only were able to meet our 7-5 expectations rather than win a national championship. 

I think our greatest loss was a transfer on the offensive side.

Wait what? what you talkin' about Hail storm?

I'm talkin about the transfer earlier this year of Tacopants. I know he transfered because he thought he couldn't work in this spread system, and although it was a slim chance to keep him, I think RR should have done anything try to get him to stick around. I think RR's failure to keep him around is the best reason to get rid of him.

You could see where he could fit in on many accounts when Denard (obviously used to training with Tacopants, and not used to the short and slow (in comparison) recievers he had to work with) over threw wide open recievers on multiple occasions.

Just wondering what other's thoughts were.

Sorry in advance to those wishing this was another thread about RR staying or going. 



November 30th, 2010 at 2:12 PM ^

I think RR should have done anything try to get him to stick around. I think RR's failure to keep him around is the best reason to get rid of him.



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think about it this way...

our secondary should've and rightfully so been:


JT Floyd

Demar Dorsey

Donovan Warren (if only he stayed! :'( )

JT Turner


... it would've been one of the best secondaries in the big ten.

curse that angry michigan secondary hating god


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Can someone explain to me, how a guy who was (by all accounts) behind nearly everyone who played in our secondary on the early fall depth chart, would have helped us win games this year?  His name only comes up when some people talk about guys the could have helped or when some people talk about guys that are exploring options at the D2 level..  ?? It's  head scratcher.


November 30th, 2010 at 3:38 PM ^

Turner most definitely could have helped out our secondary.  He wasn't behind everyone b/c of lack of talent but rather b/c of lack of effort.  When the coaches talk about him as not being able to help out, they are referring directly to their policy of not playing people that don't put in the work.  This is the same reason Tate was in the doghouse earlier in the year.  The difference between Tate and Turner, is that Tate turned around his attitude and began to put in the work.  Turner just transferred.

Fuzzy Dunlop

November 30th, 2010 at 2:21 PM ^

Yay for taking an obviously joking post about how we could have really used Tacopants this year, one making fun about the ad nauseum posts about lost defensive players, and trying to turn it into yet another ad nauseum post about lost defensive players.  Seriously, kudos.

Jon Benke

November 30th, 2010 at 2:50 PM ^

You can't assume all good things would have happened, especially since JT Turner has ended up a huge bust, Warren didn't want to be here, and Dorsey -- if you ask some people, was never going to pass admissions, and in the end, we were stuck playing a bunch of true freshmen CBs.

Recruiting in that department has been horrible, which has really hurt the team.  That's not a bash on the team though...

It's an unfortunate fact.


November 30th, 2010 at 2:25 PM ^


How do you figure Demar Dorsey "should've and rightfully so" been a part of our secondary. He was never qualified to attend U of M or play football here, so no he should never have been part of the team. Rich Rod recruited a guy not eligible to play here; that is no one's fault other than Rich Rod's.

J.T. Turner wasn't good.... Donovan Warren didn't want to play for Rich Rod anymore. That's no different than any other player that didn't want to be a part of the team. Troy was an unfortunate loss but I guarantee you he was not the solution to this abortion of a defense.


November 30th, 2010 at 2:24 PM ^

back to arguing about whether or not we should fire RR?  Yes, that debate is beyond tired, and nothing anybody says will be an original thought, but at least there is a point behind the madness.

This "made you look" meme is played out.  Seriously.  Stop.


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Cobrani Mixon was lost several seasons ago, but his loss was felt pretty hard this year.  although, i guess he would have had to have redshirted, because he lost his transfer year and is a senior.  whatever - someone that played linebacker.


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along the season, MGoBlog users lost their sense of humor and enjoyment of the game and Michigan football. Maybe this wasn't the best humor post, but it was an attempt to reduce the tension between the "Keep em Herrr" an the "He Goes herrr" camps.

But feel free to labour over the next posters argument that we have obviously regressed/progressed in the last year, if we look at the scoring stats, during 12:00 games in the second quarter, when we play at home vs previous years.

Perhaps I spoke too soon. I just visited the post anything post, and my faith was renewed in my MGoblog Brethren.  I guess I need to ignore the few fucktards that have made this site not as fun lately. Thanks to all who posted in that thread!