Wormley Has Michigan #1

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from an interview on bucknuts...


Housteau: Obviously people associate you Michigan as well at the top?

Wormley: “Yeah definitely. They’re probably my number one right now.”


The interview was done at a track meet yesterday.  They refer to him as the #1 prospect in Ohio.



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...Wormley from Ryan Autullo of the Toledo Blade:


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Wormley is being recruited as a DE, not an OT. I was just commenting on the ridiculous size of some high schoolers around now. There is no reason a human being should be the size of some of these guys, ever, let alone in HS (Mike Oher was 6'5 330 his senior year).

Which makes me feel ridiculous because I was HS '08.


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these kids make it more difficult to scout them IMO. If every kid is huge then the thing that seperates them is even harder to measure. Combine videos are getting to be more important than game video because you see a 330 lb tackle facing an average 200 lb end in public schools and naturally he looks incredible, as opposed to facing off against top tier opponents at the Elite 11 or Nike combines where the cream rises to the top.

Zone Left

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I think that's a huge problem. These players are so much bigger and better than most high schoolers and there aren't full games at the elite camps. I'd guess that's why measurables are such a big deal in recruiting. It's probably also why camp performance gets people excited.


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not calling you out or anyone else that has said this but Gunner has not said a word to the media only the coaches and the family know whats on his mind. im sure in Bob Stoops had a good feeling he would land him he wouldn't have offered those 3 other QBs in the last 2 weeks yet. i think we could be in really good position if he visited us instead of bama in the next week. you also have to take into account his family has been a big part of this and maybe they dont want him to go that far from home and michigan and missouri are right here in the midwest


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but they said on the other board that he will not be attending the bama camp and that leaves the weekend of the 10th open and he could commit right after if this is the school hes looking at. i wonder if tom knows anything on this.


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as a sign that he knows he's going to Oklahoma, especially when combined with him announcing a commitment date.  

Even a month ago, when Rivals and Scout were pretty optimistic about Kiel, they said that Oklahoma led but Michigan had a good shot if they could get him on campus again.  Then the Elite 11 camp happened, and everyone just kind of stopped talking about Kiel, and his visit to Michigan got pushed back, possibly indefinitely.  

He could go to Michigan -- crazier things have happened -- but it's not a sequence of events that usually leads to a commitment for the good guys.  Occam's Razor says it's Oklahoma.  

turd ferguson

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I wouldn't count out Missouri for Kiel.  Reasons:

(1) Mizzou has been after him for a long time, and I remember reading that he really enjoyed his visit.

(2) Pinkel is building a track record for placing QBs in the NFL.

(3) Blaine Gabbert's little brother, Tyler, just transferred, leaving Mizzou very thin at QB.

(4) Kiel has been so quiet during all of this that I wonder whether the lights might be a little too bright for him at a Michigan, Alabama, or Oklahoma.  He might see Missouri as a good fit.


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either, but just looking at Gabberts career you have to assume that playing qb for Mizzou is kind of like playing qb for RR. It seemed to be based more on pure athletecism and scrambling than a pro-style passing attack. Even though Gabbert was a hot draft prospect it might factor in to things.


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That's actually really interesting that OU made those offers. I agree with your reasoning on that point. If anyone knows how the recruitment is going it's the coaches, and I can't think OU would've offered THREE new QBs if they still felt good about Kiel. I could see one, maybe two, if they're still in the midst of reviewing film, but three seems suggestive.


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4 scholarship qb's on top of the new offers for this year, where Michigan and Alabama have only 3. I'm really surprised 'bama and Auburn both went after midwest pro-style qb's 1 year after Cam Newton when there is a 5 star spread qb from the state of Alabama in this years class.


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Its pretty interesting that pretty much a year ago most of us were talking about how Wormley would be the centerpiece of this class and was a must get to take him from OSU. Now it almost feels like there are other DE from Ohio (Strobel, Washington, Pittman) we have realistic shots at.


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The knock on him is that he looks like a 5-star player but plays like a 3. He's a guy that can really benefit from playing for an experienced coach like Mattison.


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Is there any chance Michigan is recruiting him as an OL or are are they looking for him as a DE? The kid definitely has the body of an OL, and I've heard he's a better OL than DE.


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Defense only. He is really around 6'3" - 6'4" maybe 250 at the most. I've seen him around town and he's big but not OL big.  I think he stays at SDE.  I suppose he could become a DT if he bulks up enough which should be possible because he does have a big frame that he can really grow into.


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Josh Helmholdt at Rivals says that some of Wormley's coaches at Whitmer think he's more suited to play OT at the next level.

And I agree with the above poster, who says that if Wormley can bulk up enough to play DT . . . then he can bulk up enough to play OL.