The World Will Soon Have Another Harbaugh - Sarah is Pregnant

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Jim Harbaugh is having another kid. Found out yesterday. "Attacking this pregnancy with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind."

— Matt Pargoff (@MaizeBlueNews) June 20, 2016



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Typically pregnancies aren't announced publicly until about 12 weeks (to make sure the baby is viable, healthy, etc) and maybe later due to the parents' ages in this case.

If we assume that she's 12 weeks pregnant and carries full term (40 weeks) that puts the birthday of the child....

January 2nd. Or the day of the Rose Bowl.


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Our Dr told us after the second one of course that he tells us he makes all his due dates 2 weeks later than he thinks the baby will arrive. So the parents are usually suprised Moms water broke a week before due date and make that extra time near the end when the fathers are wondering when the hell is it going to get here, not so excruciatingly slow. If you have had a normal pregnancy you know the last month is the longest and the closest you will get to hell on earth. Provided you have not been to war. So in this case my Dr would have said the babys due date would be two weeks after Jan. 1st


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Scheduling...  Most babies anymore come around - mostly - when we want them to.  C-sections being what they are, and all.  If the due date looks like it might interfere with something so important as the Rose Bowl, or a playoff game, no worries.  Because C-section.


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I just had my first child this winter.  Her due date was Jan 11. Day of the national championship. I was nervous about potential conflict in the upcoming years, but she held off til the 19th. Really got on daddy's good side early.