World Cup Open Thread: Knockout Round Edition

Submitted by jamiemac on June 26th, 2010 at 9:56 AM

Morning all. Figured some people are up and about. Winner of this Uruaguay/South Korea games gets the winner of US/Ghana

In this first game, keep an eye on Diego Forlan (10) and Park Si-Jung (7). Very dangerous players. Both have impressive highlight reels playing for Man U, although Forlan plays in Spain now.

They are elite players.

Odds? Odds!

Uruguay -125
South Korea +360
Draw +220

These odds are based on 90 minutes plus stoppage time. No OT or PKs at the end. Not sure I like the fact that bets end before the game does. Probably a soccer quirk.

Odds to advance, including, well, all the game are uruguay -260, south korea +240

But, I like Uruguay to advance. I wonder if South Korea is in trouble with the defensive breakdowns they've had recently going against some of the dangerous strikers.

The Suarez/Forlan combo will get the deciding goal. I'm thinking another shutout for La Celeste



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Great call on picking a Forlan/Suarez connection.  Exactly what happened on the first goal.  As a Fulham fan, I'm now conditioned to fear Diego Forlan.


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Yeah, that didnt take long.

54 goals in his last 61 games played overall for Suarez. He is on a run.

Forlan set that whole thing up. He's so tough once he gets the ball, you're at his mercy


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I took Uruguay to win. But they have to do it in regulation.

I dont know how comfy I am betting games where the bet ends before the game does, but laying -260 on Uruguay to advance breaks my rule of betting anything over -180 juice. I wont do that.

But, I've been on Uruguay the whole tourney, might as well stay on them,


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I didn't wager on this game but hindsight being 20/20 and seeing how the game has started with a quick goal for Uruguay I like the tie bet.  Uruguay hasn't given up a goal yet and might rely on that defense and allow the South Koreans to attack


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Tell me more. I'm still connecting all the dots on where players once played and what they did. SO, did he rcrush FFC at some point?

Overall I'm been wondering why Forlan isnt still in the EPL. That highlight reel of his ManU goals looked pretty killer, that as a somebody who doesnt follow the club soccer I'm scratching my head why he's still not playing for them.

Anyone else who can provide the back story, fire away


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Yes, Forlan scored both of Atletico Madrid's goals in the Europa League final a couple of months ago, including one in the 117th minute when it looked like a penalty shootout was certain.  Final score: Forlan 2, Fulham 1.


As for Forlan at United, it took him 8+ months to score his first goal.  In the meantime, the fans soured on him and I don't think he ever really recovered his reputation there.  Sometimes I think United just shuffle strikers around to keep their fans interested.  Letting Tevez go to Manchester City is another example of them dumping a really good, fairly important player.


June 26th, 2010 at 10:35 AM ^

I knew about the drought. The announcers on his WC game had referenced it, but had been otherwise complimentary and defended him as far as his EPL tenure. I had no clue it was 8-month long scoreless run. That's hard to stomach, I suppose, but I still think after seeing the ManU highlight clip would have been enough to make me forget real fast about that the drought

I'm still trying to get a grip on the leagues, the various tourneys and cups. I had heard reference of that game during the Uruguay games, but hadnt made the connection who it was against.


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they are more user friendly, and, frankly, a safer way to bet vis a vis getting in, uh, trouble.

I have used a varying times, 5dimes and bodog and have always been satisfied with the service and betting options. 5dimes for college hockey betting, brotha!!!

BUT, its become really hard as of 6/1 to deposit thanks to a law passed in 2006. The current congress had been able delay implementation, there was talking about trashing the law altogether, hearings were held, but nothing happened and the law took affect.

I am still trying to figure out how to accomplish this. As a result, now we almost have to go to street bookies. that's not real safe for the average joe. But, hey at least our morals are in check, right gubmit?

Rant over.

I have been betting smaller because its soccer, so I dont know what I'm doing, but since I cant just reload the account on a whim, i dont want to empty the account due to bad soccer bets


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I use Bodog.  It's the only site I've ever used.  The customer service is pretty good.  One time I had Josh Beckett over strikeouts and he covered but the game was called due to rain.  They called the bet a push.  I called and complained and they reversed it for me. rates them very low though so I don't know


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I haven't tried depositing since 6/1 so I'm not sure.  I was aware that somet kind of law was about to take effect but I wasn't sure when.  Now I wish I had deposited more or left more in there from my recent cash out.  Do you think they won't be able to accept money from US bank accounts?


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It basically prohibits US banking and credit card institutions from processing those kinds of transactions. My bank is complying with the law as of 6/1

Western Union, a Visa gift card and something called have been suggested to me as possibilities.

Clarification: It does not prohibit our banks from taking a deposit from you from a check from on online. Meaning, you can still cash out winnings and put it in your local checking account or something. My understanding is this is a pure one-way law, to stop people from depositing money with onlines


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hearing this I am very hesitant to even try opening an account as a first timer. Unfortunate that Las Vegas can't start their own site and have something similar to what you can do at any one of their many casinos. Not to get political, but legalize and let the government take the vig. I could see that being very profitable.


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...and it's 1-0 Uruguay.  South Korea were unlucky early with a free kick that became friendly with the post.  Uruguay probably should have been awarded a PK for a hand ball in the area late in the half.  Still both teams look strong enough to get a result.  Obviously South Korea have a lot more work to do than Uruguay.


June 26th, 2010 at 11:25 AM ^

...Uruguay.  Crappy marking on that free kick and the South Koreans tie it up with a nice header.  South Korea with all the momentum now.


June 26th, 2010 at 11:27 AM ^

...collected right on the goal line by the South Korean keeper.  He didn't really seem very aware of his positioning there.  Almost disaster for the South Koreans.


June 26th, 2010 at 1:44 PM ^

It's what Bradley sent out against England, except Onyewu is out.  Onyewu doesn't have the speed right now to stay with top strikers, and the U.S. has not been susceptible on crosses and corners, which is about all Onyewu is effective for at this point.  Edu is someone who can  come on at the half or maybe 60th minute to replace a defender if we need more offense, or to replace Findley and clog the middle if we have a lead.  Gomez can also bring offensive energy in the last half hour or in extra time if necessary.


June 26th, 2010 at 2:11 PM ^

Findley will wear down the Ghana defense and even if he can't finish it's obviously a positive. If need be, bring Buddle or Gomez off the bench to face the worn down defense. Not a bad strategy actually in my opinion.

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I just don't think trying to run Ghana into the ground is going to work.  I'd be much more optimistic with players who can keep possession and spread the ball from side to side, and force Ghana's defense to shift while positioning breaks down.  Also, with all the knock downs Altidore can hopefully create against the shorter Ghana back line, having someone good in possession play close to him could be very valuable, and I just don't see Findley offering that.