Woolfolk Status?

Submitted by TXmaizeNblue on September 12th, 2011 at 10:02 AM

I have not seen anything post game concerning Troy's body status.  Is this guy a China doll or just or a great player with some serious nads - playing on one repaired ankle, limping along  (at least twice that I saw) on the other ankle, arm in a cast and a bloody nose!  He looked like he came out of a mash unit standing there with is bloody nose and cast.  

Anyone know the status of the ankle and arm?  Surely he will be sitting out the Eastern game, right?  On a side note, it seems very apparent that Hoke is not going to be as open as RR was with injuries. 



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Slightly OT but I hope that we have most of our starters out by early in the 2nd quarter against Eastern. Woolfolk I would hope even if he can play is sitting out this game.

Mr. Yost

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QB: A LOT of Devin Gardner...like 2.5 quarters worth

RB: NO Fitz, save him, rest him. Little Shaw, Little Smith, Little Hopkins...save the freshman.

WR: Jerald Robinson and Jeremy Jackson, what can they do?

TE: Rico Miller, you there?

OL: Don't have much of an option, I'll just say Rocko Khoury over Molk for most of the game

DL: Craig Roh, all game...get in and get better. Also, BWC and Q all game. Little Richard Ash maybe? And Kenny Wilkins on the strongside. Would love to see that line for a lot of the game. Also some Frank Clark all game in pass rushing situations.

LB: More Hawthorne please. Mike Jones please. Fitz, you deserve it...get on the field. Cam, NO! Rest. Ryan for a half, then Herron can play the 2nd half.

DB: One man, two words: Blake Countess. No T-Woolf, little Floyd...Countess. Lot of Carvin Johnson at FS and Marvin Robinson at SS.


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I love it.  I hope you're right and honestly I hope we can get out front quick enough to let all those guys play.  I'd like it to be out of reach for EMU by halftime.  Put Elliot Mealer in the game as well on the OL along w/ Schofield to help save up Taylor Lewan and perhaps Omameh or Huyge.


But yeah, I'm hoping we can get up big QUICKLY so these more inexperienced guys can hit the field. I'm hestitant to think we will by the end of the first quarter as I think Borges will try to make the Offense more of his style this game given that we're playing a bad team.  If he does that means we try to control the ball more, perhaps run more time off the clock, etc. Or bust 80 yard runs from the I.  either way.


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I understand the sentiment but I have to disagree, unless the player is significantly banged up. I think the team (specifically the defense) needs as many “game” reps as possible to work out the kinks that we are constantly seeing in coverages and defensives reads.

At this point I am willing to take the reps, for guys just starting to learn a new system, over the risk of injuries.

Of course if anyone ended getting hurt I would end up looking like an idiot...


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but he just posted this on twitter:


"Man I am not going to lie my nose looks ugly so please don't laugh when you see me.lol"


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I have heard the word "chronic" being thrown around with his shoulder.  I don't know if it is the same one that was hurt last year, but that seems to be the case.  Kid cannot stay healthy.  People are calling for Rawls on Rivals.

T-Woolf will either sit out this week or play very little.  I am sure he will be fine for SDSU - but he is digned up (hand, ankle, nose) and could definitely use a week off...


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for the defense this year. Woolfolk and Martin being unavailable (or playing unhealthy) most of the season. If this is the case, we will continue to give up 400+ yards and 28+ points a game.

This will cause of offense having to outscore opponents and always coming fro behind, like last year. Also if a back doesn't step up for 100+ yardage it will all be on Denard again. Then he will be at risk for injury.



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is our best corner hands down. But he missed some good chunks of the game saturday and Avery and Floyd did a really good job covering Michael Floyd man-to-man. For the first time in years I can say I am not really worried about the secondary. Especially considering that will probably be the toughest test they face all year.

Indiana Blue

September 12th, 2011 at 10:21 AM ^

I would like to see him still get some game action, because game speed is totally different.

On a side note ... I haven't seen anything relating to the performance of JT Floyd or any of the cornerbacks from Saturday night (granted I haven't looked at all 200 threads).  For the majority of the game GM has us in man to man coverage and JT was on Floyd (who should have been suspended) who is no doubt the best receiver Michigan will see all year.  I thought JT (and the other corners) played a very good game.  Their only big play came from that breakdown in coverage with 30 secs to play ... nice to see GM has confidence in them.


Go Blue!


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I am hoping that we can beat Eastern without having to have everyone on deck. Lets rest a few that need it, like Woolfolk. Hope to see lots of substitution in the game this weekend.




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Though I love Denard out of shotgun, I would honestly like to see more single back and I-formation played against Eastern.  Give our guys as much opportunity to work it into the play rotation and feel comfortable with it as possible.  Granted, that type of play is most needed against the Ohio State/Nebraskas of the world, but more reps never hurt.  In regard to the D, I would like to see some of that highly talked of technique worked on.  Give Wolfolk a break because the dude's a big bruise right now, but let the rest of the guys get some reps, at least in the first half.