Woodson interception

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15 years ago today (10-25-97), Woodson made his insane interception against Sparty. 

Just thought this was worth a mention.  And how the hell has 15 years past already since this happened?



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Woodson's play was insane, and obviously all eyes are on him to see how he caught the ball and stayed in bounds, but in rewatching, look at #55 (which I think was Dhani Jones) behind Woodson at both the 46 sec and 53 sec marks. He absolutely body slams the MSU receiver who the pass was inteded for into the artificial turf. Never noticed that until just now.

He does this a split second after Woodson touches the ball, so I don't think it was pass inteference (not that any ref would have been looking), but that player from MSU must have been shocked by both the catch and the body slam.


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Great memory, and thanks for sharing this.

Of all the plays that served to underscore just the sort of player and athlete Charles Woodson was at Michigan (as well as now in the NFL, current injury aside), this is arguably one of them. It always seemed like he was just on a different plane than other people when it came to ability. 

The look of utter disbelief on the face of Todd Schultz still makes me smile. 


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I think it was 3 interceptions later when Shultz looked to Saban in disgust trying to mouth, "I tried to throw it away." 

The ironic thing about Woodson's superman interception was that we couldn't get any points from it.   Lloyd went conservative calling 3 straight running plays up the middle that only got 6 yards so we had to settle for a field goal.  But Kraig Baker missed it.  Even Lloyd's wife Laurie was giving him a hard time about those 3 running plays after the game. 


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I was at Spartan Stadium that day, my buddy's sister was in a sororiety at MSU and to get us into the game for free, she told us to claim to be Spartan students and put us on the her sororiety's volunteer log to direct traffic around campus prior to the game.  Needless to say we had no idea where anything was that people were asking about, so I just told everyone to go up to the next street and make a left.  

Being there in the endzone behind Schultz, you had a sense that the pick was amazing simply because the throw appeared to be sailing out of bounds.  I had no idea it was OMG career moment amazing though, not until going home and flipping on the highlights. 


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Someone needs to make the following gif happen:

Ball is thrown...Cut to Gandalf: "You shall not pass!" ...Then back to Woodson making his famous grab.


I will donate all my internets.


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i remember watching the msu game and seeing that int and thinking maybe he has a shot at the heisman

unbelievable play--not as well known as his kickoff return for a td against ohio state that probably sealed the heisman for him--but truly a more impressive one

Bando Calrissian

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The one lingering memory of this play is that I just happened to be taking a large swig of Vernor's in front of my TV the second he came down with that ball.  Definitely worth coughing my lungs out for five minutes after the fact.