Woodson Injures Collarbone @Super Bowl, Wins Ring

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One hopes it is nothing that will inhibit him next year. Definitely a shame, though, as he had been playing lights out and forced Roethlisberger to go to other, less-covered receivers. Also had a TFL.



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...it is either a clavicle fx or AC joint disolocation.  Unless the AC joint is completely torn and quite separated (there are different grades of injuries here just as in other orthopedic injuries based on the whether the joint is torn but normally aligned, subluxed or dislocated) or the clavicle fx is very displaced, management is usually nonoperative.

El Jeffe

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I'm pretty sure Chuck is only one of two (or three, depending on how you count it) players to have a FBS championship, a Heisman, and a Super Bowl.

  • Tony Dorsett's 1976 Pitt Panthers were #1 in the AP and UPI polls, and he was on the Super Bowl XII winning Dallas Cowboys.
  • Reggie Bush's 2004 USC Trojans won the BCS championship, though of course that title and Bush's Heisman were stripped.

So, I'm comfortable with it being just Dorsett and Chuck.

Brewers Yost

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Played H.S. football in northwest ohio during same time frame.

Cleveland St. Ignacius was the best D1 team during that time period, they won every year I was in school except my senior season when they lost to Lima. Freemont was good but not great. However, Woodson was a great HS RB as you would expect.

Zoltan's futon

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Tonight I was watching the game at school in Milwaukee, and I was just rooting for Woodley and Woodson to have good games (I strongly dislike each team). Everyone here (all badger, buckeye, hoosier, and irish fans) unanimously claimed that Charles Woodson was the worst Heisman winner ever and that Peyton should've won it. On a completely unbiased standpoint, what is your opinion on this? I strongly disagreed, but I would like some reassureance besides watching his videos from Michigan that he was a most deserving winner.


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Anyone that claims Woodson didn't have a heisman worthy season is frankly a dumbass and you're a good man for not punching them in the face. Not only was he a deserving winner, he was one of the most deserving winners ever.


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The main arguement i have for those against Woodson winning the Heisman is that Woodson could not only affect the game on offense, but also on defense and special teams. Thus meaning that potentially Woodson could impact the game on every play and that is why Woodson is one of the best players to every come out of college football.

The Baughz

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Ya Woodson was the worst Heisman winner ever. He only dominated all 3 phases of the game. He could be in discussion for the best Heisman winner of all time. Maybe a bit of a stretch but look at what he did. For ppl to say he was not deserving should never be allowed to watch sports. You might dislike Michigan/Charles but to say he wasnt worthy is ridiculous. I hate Troy Smith, but he deserved his Heisman. Anyways, glad he got a ring. Heisman winner, National Champion. and Super Bowl Champion. Canton is calling his name, but not for a while.


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I love watching the Heisman Trophy presentation and hearing the Manning family gasp when Chuck was announced the winner.  Archie prolly shit his depends....

You bet your ass he deserved to win.  He was the best player that year by far.


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But what made Woodson probably the greatest college player I've ever seen (maybe with Vince Young) is there was no one more clutch. Sure, he'd make plays against Indiana. But in the games that mattered, OSU, MSU, PSU, Rose Bowl he dominate, and make the biggest plays WHEN you needed the biggest plays. Prototypical comes up big in the spotlight player.
<br>Manning was/is the opposite. Puts up great numbers, but in the really big games is more likely to throw it away - Florida, bowl game, playoffs, Super Bowl. The only reason he's not Dan Marino lite is that the Pats had the most inexplicable collapse since Frank Reich was QBing, and they got the worst Super Bowl participant in a decade (at least) in the Bears.
<br>And the big argument for Manning over Woodson (as skewed as it was, since it's a college award) is that he's a better pro. But they now have the same Super Bowl record. And if Chuck comes back, it looks like the Pack are a lot closer to another title than the Colts are.
<br>It's funny to say he's the worst, when his competition for it may have been the best ever: Manning, Moss, Leaf...they were ALL ass kickers in college. And he was better than them all.


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Aside what anti-Michigan fans will think, if you are a true long-time Michigan football fan, and Charles Woodson isn't your favorite all-time Michigan player, you either:

A. Hadn't been born before 1997

Annnd, that's the list.  The dude won games and racked in the recognition because of it.  Michigan's GOAT?  Absolutely.

We all love Desmond, but his career is barely comparable.  As icing, Woodson may well win one or two more Super Bowls.  Didn't he sign a five year extension last year?


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Do you really think that the public knowing about the content of Woodson's talk would negatively affect their Super Bowl experience?  I could see it bothering Chuck, since they were his words, but I think the other guys would be too busy celebrating to care right now.


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He's the only player to ever win a: Heisman, National Championship, Rookie of the year, Defensive player of the year, Superbowl, and go to the pro bowl. Basically, he's fucking awesome


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Woodson on ESPN talking to Schefter.

*EDIT* Sounds like he was a good bit choked up when he saw his collarbone was broken. Not surprising.

Just realized the black on his face is eye-black that's fallen likely from tears.