Woodson is DPOY

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Just crossed on the wires... Nice to see him get the credit for a solid season.



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Hasn't been written yet. Give it like 5-10min

NEW YORK (AP) - Green Bay cornerback Charles Woodson has won The Associated Press 2009 NFL Defensive Player of the Year award.

The versatile Woodson tied for the league lead with nine interceptions, returning three for touchdowns, and was a key to the Packers' turnaround on defense. His role in Green Bay's ranking second in overall defense, first in interceptions (30), takeaways (40) and turnover margin (plus-24) earned Woodson 28 votes from a nationwide panel of 50 sports writers and broadcasters who cover the NFL.

He doubled the number of votes for New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis in becoming the first Green Bay winner since Reggie White in 1998 and just the second Packer in the 36-year history of the award.


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It's too bad that Green Bay's entire defense bombed on Sunday. I was kind of rooting for the Cardinals to win because they have more Wolverines on their roster, but I wanted Woodson to have a good game. Unfortunately, he was just mediocre.


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I guess Woodson knew what he was doing when he repportedly chose to play defense out of high school because so that he could eventually have a longer NFL career. I got the impression that last few years that the national media had lost respect for him, percieving him as having "lost a step," etc. Apparently, the media has regained their respect for Woodson.

Woodson is becoming the Ric Flair of football. Woooooo!

mgm 05

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I would say that Woodson was the only player on the packers D who did much of anything, forced the fumble on the cards only turnover and had a nice pass deflection on another 3rd down, the only two stops Pack had all day. Fell down and got knocked down (offensive PI missed on that one) the only two times he was beat.


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That the best players on each side of the ball are still Peyton Manning and Charles Woodson. I would love to see Peyton and Woodson go into the HOF together someday. Their Careers seem to be intertwined in some pretty cool ways.


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Great season by a great Michigan Man. Good to see he can still play at such a high level after 12 seasons. I still remember that Rose Bowl like it was yesterday...


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charles, time to retire when you are on the top of your game. (be just like barry s.) come home to the big house and coach us up some db's!!


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I have never seen a cornerback be as physically productive (sacks, pressures, pass defenses, forced fumbles, fumble recoveries, tackles, interceptions) as Woodson was this year.

Most of the time great cornerbacks simply take away half the field and you don't hear much from them.

Chuck not only filled up the stat sheets but he was the vocal leader of the GB secondary and was in charge of making sure everyone had the right assignments, etc.

I'll say it again, I've never seen a cornerback put together a more productive season than Chuck did this year.

...Last year he was almost as domminant, but GB was 6-10 and woodson didn't get noticed. I just can't believe this streak he is having.

Well deserved award.


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The most impressive part of him winning the award is the fact that he made all those great plays and covered all those great receivers with a heavy statue that looks like a person imitating Desmond Howard in his back pocket. It's gotta be hard lugging that around when you are back-pedaling.

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Congrats to a great player! Easily is and always will be my favorite to wear the winged helmet. I am 2 years younger than him and played baseball with a kid in college who was on his high school team, a sophomore in woodson's senior year. he showed us their team highlight tape...this was before youtube or rivals or scout, so i had never seen highlights (or in person if memory serves) a HS senior blue-chip prospect. it literally was like watching one of us play against 5 year olds right now, just pure and utter domination. i saw the tape a year after woodson's heisman season, so he already had firmly planted himself in my mind as the greatest thing of all time.

Justin Turner, I hope you're paying attention and understand what wearing the #2 jersey in that secondary means.

Blue in Yarmouth

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That 22 voters didn't choose Charles. I really didn't think anyone could question that he should have been the winner this year.

Well done Charles. I love watching you play now as much as when you were at UM. Keep it up!