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Tom Brady, Charles Woodson, & Derek Jeter (yes, a stretch, but I am counting him considering most schools take credit for one and done college bball players).

EDIT: I missed Georgia Tech with Calvin Johnson, Chris Bosh, & Mark Teixeira. Any others?

I see Wake Forest (Tim Duncan & Chris Paul) and Tennessee (Peyton Manning & Arian Foster) with 2.

Leaders And Best

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Jeter didn't play baseball at Michigan, but he did enroll and take classes at Michigan.  Probably has more credits than most one and done bball players. He attended college in case baseball didn't work out.

After graduating from high school, he played baseball in the minors over the summer and then attended Michigan in the fall. Says he went to every home football and basketball game that year. This is a big part of why he is such a huge Michigan fan. After his baseball career took off the following year, he didn't come back. In the past, he has said he would like to come back and get his degree after he retires (but I think that is unlikely)

Check out these two articles where he reminisces on his time at Michigan including watching the 9-0-3 Michigan football team and the Fab Five in 1992:





Leaders And Best

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Michigan may have the strongest collection of alums in the sports agency world. Close and Pelinka are both alums who also played a sport at Michigan.  Arn Tellem got his JD from Michigan.  Pretty impressive trio there with 3 of the 10 most powerful agents in the country.

And you have to assume there is a strong possibility, Michigan bball player Josh Bartelstein will find his way into his dad Mark's business after he graduates.

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Congrats, Charles.

Don't want to hijack the thread, but I don't have enough mgopoints to start a new one.

But Penn State sent out a news release about an hour ago saying the PSU student organization in charge of what was Paternoville is changing the name to Nittanyville.

The pressure is getting to PSU in certain measures.

Here's a link to a USA Today story. They were the first main outlet on top of the story.


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Blue In South Bend: Remember when we instituted the "one Sandusky open thread per day" rule back in November, and people were all "c'mon, man, we can be trusted not to go overboard with the threads?"

Oh my God, so many Penn State threads.



Here's the most recent one.



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Some thoughts:

  • Boxing is still #1 ... which is historically consistent, but it surprises me a little.  I had the impression boxing had slipped from the mainstream.
  • Golf at #2 and #3 doesn't surprise me ... if I could wave a magic wand and be really good at something it would be golf.
  • Tom Brady at #26 is a bit surprising ... I'd figure him higher.
  • All the NASCAR representatives is, I guess, to be expected ... I guess.  I don't follow the sport, but I do realize it's popular.
  • No hockey in that entire list ... interesting.

As for Charles Woodson ... he's very good at what he does, doesn't seem to trash talk much, and gives back to the community.  Good for him, as others have said.


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is be probably one of the top ten athletes to ever come along in football to reach the top 50 in money? There are other examples Tom Brady is another not much of an athlete but we all know what he had to do. Wow now I know where all these kids are coming from with million dollar contracts on their minds. Good luck to Chuck and Tom you both deserve every penny when obviously players like you two come around maybe once every 25 to 50 years. Thank you guys for coming to U of M too I remember it like it was yesterday.