The Wonderful Advantage of Our Offense

Submitted by Brother Mouzone on October 3rd, 2010 at 10:45 AM

With all due apologies to Charlie Weis, our offense provides us a "decided schematic advantage".  No late single score lead should be safe against this team


"When Indiana scored we looked up at the clock and it said a minute-15,", said wideout Junior Hemingway, who on the second play of the second half had scored on a 70-yard touchdown pass. "That's too much time."


I am glad that the players have this confidence (has it moved to swagger?).  It will serve us well as we progress through the season.  It is a competitive advantage we have over every team on our schedule.

This is also why I can enjoy watching our games this year without the anxiety from years past.  Another teams lead really isn't safe against our offense.  


Sorry to interrupt those pissed off at the 5-0 start.  Feel free to resume your bitching about meaningless bullshit stats like Pam Ward did yesterday with her reference to Indiana dominating us in T.O.P. and number of first downs.  ***sigh**



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Poor Charlie. Who would have thought that "decided schematic advantage" meant NFL-caliber wideouts and qb, and stopping the clock on 3rd and 4 when trying to finish off an opponent?


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"our offense provides us a "decided schematic advantage" "

I think it's more our quarterback provides us a decided talent advantage. The same offense with an inferior QB wouldn't see us driving for game-winning late scores.


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The way they set up the big plays is just awesome. Two examples that come to mind are how the Koger TD and one of the plays where Denard took one step to the left, and threw right into the vast open space that had been created when every single linebacker ran up to stop the run.

Denard is an incredible weapon, but the coaches have done an incredible job of calling play sequences that pull the defense into the worst possible positions.


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Our line play and it's maturation is the biggest difference.    Denard gives us possible one stop shopping big plays with his feet each play. Don't even need to pass or hand it off. Grab and go.

The two form a mean combination together.  Take away that line and Denard is neutralized.  Take away Denard and we are still highly productive.  That was obvious before the line got reshuffled last season.  

Brother Mouzone

October 3rd, 2010 at 11:17 AM ^

Of course Denard is exceptional, amazing  and a huge factor.

But is bigger than just Denard.  

The current line of many detractors of this team is "well if Denard wasn't the quarterback Michigan would suck"

Give credit to Coach that he has him at QB.  Knowing who is best suited for your offense is part of it.    It's the line , the receivers, and the backs as well.  This is NOT a one man team.

Offenses and defenses evolve.  Our coaching staff is utilizing the most advanced offense in college football.  I understand some people don't like our Coach -- but he is a freaking offensive mastermind.


October 3rd, 2010 at 11:26 AM ^

Running the spread option coached by the man who created it is a huge plus, but Denard has demonstrated how much better it works with a QB of his transcendent talents than it does with even a good or very good QB. 

Denard is starting to look like a "once every generation" talent at QB.  I know five games is an "insufficient sample," but there is a very good chance that Denard will have a legitimate place in the discussion of the "best college QB of all time" if he continues what he is doing now.  Usually, when a person performs like Denard is now, we expect him to perform closer to accepted norms once the competition gets "tougher," and opponents adjust to him.  This may very well happen, but it may turn out just the opposite. 

Imagine a more experienced Denard, with even more time to get Barwisized (and that last big HGH spurt that happens for most of us between 19-21) without losing any of his speed.  Imagine the same thing happening to most of the offense.  Imagine Denard as a senior with seniors around him on the field.  Imagine what will happen if the defense improves enough to stop people and give him even more possessions per game.   

"Common sense" dictates that Denard won't continue to put up the kind of numbers he has so far.  But there is nothing common about Denard, nor is there anything common about RR's coaching. 


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I'd ask that you never ever apply the phrase "decided schematic advantage" no matter what your charts might say- that's awfully close to jinxing ourselves.  Also, applying a Charlie Weis phrase in a positive way towards ourselves makes me feel dirty (and overweight).


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Our young secondary is going to be fun to watch next year! How awesome for them to have this offense right now? I love that they can make mistakes and we still win games!


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is the ability to score quickly. we went down field in a minute flat and we really weren't hurrying. we did 2 or 3 QB sweeps, only one pass.

on the other side, when i saw wisconsin go down by 2 scores to state with 2 and half minutes left, i knew they were done. no way does a slow offense like that score twice in 2 and a half minutes. our offense could easily (assuming we get an onside, etc)


October 3rd, 2010 at 12:26 PM ^

 put together a middle of the pack effort, we would be in competition for a Big Ten title. If we ever face a truely balanced team ime I think we could be in trouble. That said, Denard is a true wildcard that can make anything possible. With our offense that GOOD and our defense that BAD, sometimes my head gets to spinning.