Women's World Cup Semis Open Thread

Submitted by ILwolverine on July 13th, 2011 at 11:57 AM

After the amazing win over Brazil we take on France in the semi finals.




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If you're turning down World Cup semifinal tickets because it's raining (in the summer, mind you - we're not talking 1995 Purdue weather here) how strong can your fandom be?


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As much fun and drama as that last game had i think i could settle for this being a boring old fashioined ass whooping. Lets go Ladies.


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Am I the only one that finds the "France is weak and will just surrender" jokes lame and childish?

They're one of our biggest allies and without them we'd all be British, yet whenever France is brought up we have to be so condescending about the WWs.


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don't just blame Americans for stating that the French are weak and pansies. Pretty much every country hates France except the French.

That's like saying that because MSU and OSU hate Michigan, everyone must hate Michigan. England and France are historic rivals, and the U.S., being a former English colony, has inherited some of their ancient prejudice.  The rest of the British Isles - especially Scotland - are more favorable toward France and will root for them over England.


South Bend Wolverine

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Mr Mackey

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Great start! I'm all for a big win, saving the dramatic flair for the finals on Sunday.

Oh, and just because every one of these threads apparently needs this type of response:

"Only losers watch soccer and women's sports suck"


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sorry to be so snarky, but I can't really get behind the espn hype machine on this one

not a huge soccer fan...don't have much interest in womens soccer

of all the world sporting events this may interest me the least

rather watch tour de france


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So we're 18 minutes in and Darke and Foudy are still talking about how "The US players enjoyed the win over Brazil, but now there's work to be done."



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The French are playing a similar formation to Barcelona, excellent for posession futbol. Now if only they were able to get the ball...