Women's Basketball destroys buckeyes, 64-49

Submitted by Wolverine Devotee on January 5th, 2014 at 6:59 PM

The final buzzer just sounded on BTN and for the 4th time in the last 6, Michigan has beaten ohio.

This time it was a romp.

Interesting note they kept referencing on BTN was that only 4 points scored in last year's game returned for Michigan.

The men and women both have identical overall records at 10-4.

This was Michigan's 10th win in the series. (10-49 series record)



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Every time one of his usernames is banned another pops up almost immediately, with the same posting style and personality.  It's like clockwork.

If there's ever another username that loves the Browns, hates Borges, and has a in-shape wife ... you're busted!!


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You know, one of the things that Spock always was - at least within Star Trek canon - was a fair-minded individual who often gave things a chance that others might not. This response does not strike me as particularly fair, or indeed, particularly logical. We'll see how light Bolivia works for a couple months.


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While it's probably true that guy isn't a fan of any women's sports, I know for a fact he's anti-baseball as he's negged numerous baseball posts (even Hello posts). His definition of sports that matters is probably those he follows—I'm guessing mainly (only?) football. Thing is—this isn't his blog.


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and I absolutely agree that seems to be the case with this particular comment.

My question was more a commentary on use of that particular word, which seems really out of place. Does it actually matter that some men wearing painted helmets run a ball into a rectangle piece of turf more times than the men in purple? Or some ladies wearing all yellow (guess) putting a ball through a steel circle more than their counterparts wearing red, does that matter? I'd say no on both counts.

With that in mind, how about taking a little bit of joy in winning big against Buckeyes, even if it was a game that doesn't entertain huge numbers of people. In our shared entertainment interest (sports) it really doesn't get much better than that.


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I went to a WBB game at the Schott once. I believe Ohio won 60-50 and everyone was happy because if the home team scores 60 the fans get some sort of free concession stand item - fries maybe. I wasn't happy about that result, but it sounds like WBB has come a long way since then!

Women's tennis is also doing well, winning the regular season B10 title in 2012, 2010, and 2009. No tournament championships in recent years, though.

big john lives on 67

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I think that M women's basketball is starting to show that they have something special in the works.  They are extremely competitive, have beaten some very tough teams, and have some close losses against some very good teams.

I also think Coach Barnes-Arico is showing that she is the real deal.

We should all be proud and excited by this dominant road win over the Buckeyes.



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Coach Kim is doing an excellent job.  This is a very young and inexperienced team, and the expectations were low heading into the season.  She has them hungry and working hard...great victory for the program.


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Great win for the program and great win for MICHIGAN!!! Its always great to beat the Buckeyes in ANY sport. Really shows how far this program has gone in the last 5 years. Now lets get a win agianst the spartans. GO BLUE!!

Prince Lover

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Thank you Wolverines. Every win against the university of OSU is reason to smile!!

Go Blue!! And lookin ' good 2014, lookin' good.
And 10-49? Yeesh, didn't know that, glad the tide is turning though....maybe a shout out to Dave Brandon for wanting all sports to be the best?
/hears crickets

Wolverine Devotee

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Yeah, the history of the program isn't pretty. From 1992-93 - 1995-96, they went 8-78 in the Big Ten.

They had something going in the late 90s/early 2000s, though.

Series records against B1G teams-

  • Illinois: 27-40
  • Indiana: 23-42
  • Iowa: 15-45
  • Maryland: 0-1
  • state: 16-62
  • Minnesota: 25-32
  • Nebraska: 1-7
  • Northwestern: 29-37
  • ohio: 10-49
  • Penn State: 9-30
  • Purdue: 16-49
  • Rutgers: 0-1
  • Wisconsin: 21-39


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KBA has shown the ability to develop and recruit. The path this program is on is great. I'm hoping we are in the early stages of seeing something really special. The B1G is not what it used to be in WBB. Has not been for a while. Purdue and PSU are not going to dominate year-in and year-out. OSU and MSU have been very competitive lately. I think KBA has a broader recruiting radius than those other schools. Michigan has the chance to really own the league for a considerable stretch if KBA sticks around.

Wolverine Devotee

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Michigan has the ideal schedule this year.

They play PSU once. They play iowa once who has their number. They get state at Crisler for the only meeting of the season. And the next time they play ohio will be at Crisler Center.

Michigan went into Mackey Arena last season and upset a ranked purdue team. Anything can happen.

I just am really rooting for this program to get a banner up in Crisler. There currently (obviously) isn't one of any kind.


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With several new coaches that have been hired in the conference, plus the coming additions of Maryland and Rutgers, I think the Big Ten is about to enter an era when it's stronger than ever. Right now, the Big Ten doesn't have any elite teams, but what it does have is depth. With the exception of Illinois, every team in the conference is currently ranked in Sagarin's top 70.

I'm a huge Barnes Arico supporter, but I don't buy the idea that Michigan is going to "own the league." There are too many good coaches recruiting at a high level for that to happen. I think eventually she'll have Michigan competiing for conference titles nearly every year, but I see there being a dogfight for the conference crown every year between several teams.