Wolverines at the Sochi Olympics

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So it sounds like no one has posted Sochi Olympians with U-M ties (says justingoblue). [Edit: Lies! Meson found the Dec 2 post by James Burrill Angell.]

Per MGoBlue.com there are eight:

USA: Max Pacioretty (hockey); Meryl Davis & Charlie White, Maia & Alex Shibutani, and Evan Bates (ice dancing).

Sweden: Carl Hagelin (hockey).

Austria: Brian Lebler (hockey).

Go Blue! Go USA!



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I will say that it is nice to see that, through both the winter and summer Olympics, that Michigan is typically well-represented at the Olympics as universities go. I would like to think it says much about the quality of the students that come to Ann Arbor from all over the world really as well as the opportunities they are afforded at Michigan. 


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We should take up a collection and send them some of the missing items our hosts forgot to provide like clean water, beds, shower curtains and door knobs.


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The Olympics are awesome.

As I get older...I look forward to them more and more.

It's incredible what these athletes can do. They practice 4 years for something that could last 30 seconds. One screw up means 4 years down the drain.

Just watched pairs figure skating (my wife is a pro figure skater), I hate it cuz I played hockey for 18 years but can appreciate the skill involved. But the Russians are nuts. The throws are jaw dropping.


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It's a slim margin between 1st and 2nd in the Olympics.

If your an Olympic caliber athlete...you don't just 'try to make it' to the Olympics. You try to win.

I've been there. Taekwondo was my sport. I've trained in Colorado Springs for months. But knowing the right ppl and the Lopez family play a huge part in how or if you make it to the Olympics, at the time.

They're a great family and very good at the sport, but I've seen and competed against better. They know ppl. Connections are 50%.

It's crazy how close it is. Some ppl are just 'on' that day. There's luck involved just like everything else. But when preparation meets opportunity...

They train for years...I've seen in. Been part of it. It's intense. Believe me.


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Agree with both of you.  I'm sure people who come up short in the Olympics are devastated at the time, since they put everything on the line for that one-in-four-years chance.  But in the long run, being able to call yourself an Olympic athlete is still pretty cool.  




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Plus it seems like he has always stepped his game up for international competitions.  I would've liked to see him and Yandle on the squad, though i'm not overly upset about any of the D-men.  Maybe Orpik shouldn't be there.  

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Beat me to it! Was planning to do this.

Michigan has never had gold medalists in hockey so hopefully the US, Sweeden or Austria takes it. Better yet, hopefully all 3 medal.

Best of luck to all the olympians! Represent like in London.