Wolverines in the NFL: Week 5

Submitted by Moleskyn on October 10th, 2012 at 9:13 AM

Over at WN, Rothstein compiled stats of all active UM grads in the NFL. Here's the link.

The most encouraging thing to me:

Mike Martin, DT, Tennessee: Had five tackles (3 solo, 2 assisted) and a sack in a 30-7 loss to Minnesota. Next up -- vs. Pittsburgh, Thursday 8:20 p.m.

For the season, the big fella has 18 total tackles (9 solo, 9 assisted) and he leads the Titans with 2 sacks. Nice to see him making an impact in the NFL.



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are indicative of tremendous 'value' picks by NFL teams who choose Michigan grads.   Both of those guys have character and football IQ's that will make them so much more valuable than their stat lines.   Go Blue.


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With Baas and Goodwin, we have two starting centers in the League.  Looks like Molk played, so we're on our way to a third.  "Center U" doesn't sound as good as Linebacker U, but no less impressive. 

That's a great link.  I think Touch The Banner does something similar


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I didn't watch most of that game, does anyone know how much he played? Was it due to an injury? at C or G? (Most NFL teams carry 7 active OL, 1 back up "swing" tackle, and a backup interior guy) Is there a chance he starts next week?

Also re: Chargers interior OL, is Schilling already out of the league?


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The mothership also does a weekly roundup of the most notable stats for the NFL week... http://www.mgoblue.com/sports/m-footbl/archive/in-the-nfl.html

Stevie Brown has been absolutely tearing it up since first getting defensive playing time last week. Led the team in tackles last week, and two straight weeks with an INT. He looks like a beast too...like 6'0, 230ish at safety. Too bad he was on the worst team in Michigan history...