Wolverines in the NFL Week 3

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Player Team Notes
Chad Henne  JAX Might end up starting for the Jags, due to Bortles being Bortles.  
Jake Rudock DET 8/13 84 yards in his last game. Solid backup for the lions
Frank Clark SEA Ifedi (0-1 KO loss to Clark) hashed it out, accepted apology, said he knows Frank, is a great dude, who lost his temper. Happens to all of us. We (who were not punched) should all be so forgiving. Or not. 
Jake Ryan GB Last quoted praising their run defense, specifially…24 for 30 with 1 and 2 units on the field in the preseason. Pass defense was 31st last season. Defensively Capers is going to insert a safety who can hopefully be strong against the run, but not be the liability inthe pass game that a LB is. If only there was a player like that in the draft. 
Kyle Kalis WAS Pushing for a backup guard spot, outplaying incumbent A. Kounandjio for 8th OL spot. 
Deveon Smith MIA  
Ryan Glasgow CIN Vet B Thompson was waived last week, so expect Glasgow to fill his role. Last 6 seasons with the Bengals, Thompson had 79 tackles, 3 sacks 7 starts
Taco Charlton DAL Got into another scuffle with an OL. Jerry Jones was reportedly "smiling"  Link to Taco in practice this week. https://sportsday.dallasnews.com/dallas-cowboys/cowboys/2017/08/23/observations-star-de-taco-charlton-making-moves-vs-chaz-green-rookie-wr-makes-play-day
Willie Henry BAL on the 2nd line DL rotation…behind a very good 1st line. 
Jake Long MIN  
Jourdan Lewis DAL Still limited with his hamstring, question mark vs Raiders. Has yet to play in the preseason. 2 other rookies, Awuzie and Switzer have all missed time. Much is being made about them missing opportunities.  Not an unusal problem for rookies as they are not accostomed to an NFL training camp.  Of note, Lewis was on the bench a the beginning of last year with a hamstring issue.
Jake Butt DEN Will start season on PUP, out for 6 weeks. At which point he will exact revenge on Heuerman for the haircut, by taking his job. 
Jabrill Peppers CLE Player (Currie) listed ahead of him on the depth chart was just released. 
Ben Gedeon MIN Vikings are excited about this rookie class. Again Gedeon will likely see starters snaps this season for the Vikings.
Dymonte Thomas DEN 3 tackles, 1 FF, 1 FR vs GB. In 64 defensive snaps. No word yet on his likelihood of making the roster. 
Fitzgerald Toussaint PIT Starting in place of Bell, who is holding out. Connor had a big game last week, still behind Fitz on the latest depth chart. It is a crowded backfield, Bell and Connor are considered locks to make the roster, the other 2 backs return kicks as well. Fitz has tenure and familiarity on his side.  He did get an early yank after starting vs the Falcons...seen by some reporters as "saving him" for the regular season.  
Brandon Graham PHI Questionable tonight vs Dolphins with  tricep injury. 
Tom Brady NE Greatest living American. Wife still hot. 
Alan Branch NE 17 pressures from 0 tech spot, led league last year (next player had 10) hope he can improve their pass rush this year
David Harris NE All 3 NE Wolverines may be on campus during/after the game vs the Lions.
Devin Funchess CAR Starter this season, having a rough preseason, losing faith of fans, maybe teammates(?) but not coaches(yet) Fumbled on his only catch last week. Former veteran teammate said of him "there's no dog in this guy"  Not much of a surprise given his last year in AA, that most attributed to him checking out.
Amara Darboh SEA behind a few people on the depth chart, could rise if(when) injuries occur. Almost (possibly) concussed in lasyt preseason game
Matt Wile ARI In a fight for the punter job…had a nice squib last week. (ST news is not thrilling)
Delano Hill SEA Mentioned as a CB…I think this is a typo. He has the speed, not sure about the hips. Prodcutive in camp, will contribute this year.
Chris Wormley BAL  
Patrick Omameh JAX Likely starter, but poor preseason might see him on the bench.
Jarrod Wilson JAX 6 tackles and 1 INT vs TB.
Jehu Chesson KC 13 Offensive snaps, 5 ST snaps in preseason game 2




August 24th, 2017 at 1:26 PM ^

struggled at LG once again. Teams have figured out his weaknesses and attack him by getting down low on him. Glasgow, for whatever reason, can't compensate and is struggling in the preseason. He's really tall for a OG and it's tough for him to roll his hips to explode onto the DL. Once Decker is healthy, the Lions might simply move Greg Robinson to LG.


August 24th, 2017 at 1:31 PM ^

Channing Stribling still sits 4th on the Browns CB depth chart but did see significant playing time Monday night against the Giants and held his own against the Giants 3rd team O.   I've heard positive reports on him via Twitter during practice but if he's going to make the team he's going to need to move up to 3rd string at least.  This Saturday he'll get a chance to play more against a strong Tampa Bay O so he should get some chances to shine.

Peppers is flat out kiling it here in Cleveland.   Would not surprise me in the least to see him in the mix for Defensive Rookie of the Year.   I was at the game Monday and the Browns had him lined up as a one high safety a LOT with 10 guys down in the box meaning if he doesnt make a tackle it's a TD.  And twice in the game it was JP vs a Giant with nothing behind him but grass and twice he put the player on the ground. 

Just like he did all of last year.   


August 24th, 2017 at 2:05 PM ^

Agree. He has amazing techinque when in space. He closes fast, but under control and is such a sure tackler. 

It is amazing how people here went from WTF are we doing drafting him in the 1st to wondering how nobody took him sooner. He has opened eyes of everyone in the local media and fans.


August 24th, 2017 at 2:24 PM ^

Didn't do much at RB but had a 24-yard kickoff return against the Falcons.  Plus an 8-yard catch on his only target.  Good to know he's showing stuff versatility elsewhere if/when the young[er] guns get more time at RB.