Wolverines in Montana?

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Looking for Wolverines in MT! Figuratively, I know we have them literally... But I moved to SWMT in June and I'll be living in Helena soon so I'm hoping to find a place and/or some alums to watch games with. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks and Go Blue! 



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I spent a few weeks there and everyone was pretty serious Grizzlies or Bobcats fans. It is FCS, and there simply are not as many people around, but you'd think you were living in Ann Arbor or Columbus on game day.

So I would just get a solid cable package and go to local football games. I'm not sure where Helena residents fall on the UM-(Missoula) vs. MSU-(Bozeman) divide, but this rivalry is strikingly similar to our own rivalry with our own MSU.


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but I figure since our games will be 2 hours earlier than theirs, and most people here will be tailgating/at the games, it'll be do-able to sit in some obscure nook of a bar and get one tv tuned to the Michigan game... and be the weirdo by myself in maize and blue. Just gotta start visiting all the bars and becoming a regular at one I guess!

I was able to watch and root for the Michigan softball games earlier, at some bar in Dillon, which was totally weird, but nice. Literally nothing else was on I guess.


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I have the misfortune* of traveling to Dillon/Twin Bridges a few times a year for work. Our best spot in Dillon to date is the Lion's Den. Not a U-M bar but it is the closest thing to a sports bar in town and the food is fairly good relatively speaking. You can also occasionally see sports teams and their families there from the University of Western Montana, which is actually kinda fun. They've got a bunch of TVs and I am sure you could get them to put a michigan game on. Not sure if they'd be open at 10AM for a noon Eastern kickoff; I've only been there on weekday evenings.

*=Don't get me wrong, I like Missoula and Bozeman and some of the beautiful mountainous areas in Montana. But Dillon is a drab depressing town and Twin Bridges....lol.


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Dillon is growing on me, just cause it's the closest city and they have a cool bookstore and even a farmer's market, and everyone's so nice. But yeah it's got a pretty whack conservative culture vibe going on. I went to a bar called Knotty Pine and the bartender was a sweetheart and gave me the remote. They were open early and had bloody marys ;)


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But the sole B1G grad I know in SW MT, Theo who runs the gun range at Rock Creek near Philipsburg and has been one of my personal shooting coaches, is a damned Buckeye. I'm still trying to convince my SO that we should move to MT, so perhaps you and I will found the smallest M Alumni Club chapter there in SW MT someday. Hope not to see you or anybody else when I'm out backpacking though.


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but I am hoping to find literally one other person (two would be even better!) and start my own Alumni chapter here. 

If you backpack in SWMT, you're just as likely to see a grizz or a wolf as another human, maybe more so!


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Go see Kelly Galloup at the Slide Inn south of Ennis. He's from Traverse City and a fantastic guy -- he'll probably send you to the Grizzly Bar, but if there are any Blue in the area, he'll know who they are.

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You could buy his shop and move there, I think the Slide Inn is still for sale. Ask him to show you his Sex Dungeon and his Stacked Blond. Kelly is the reason people in Montana think all people from Michigan love to throw meat and are also sexual deviants. Some of which is true.


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They have a Buffalo Wild Wings there.  Whenever I travel and can't find a Wolverine bar, they've always been good about tuning in to the game for me on one or two screens.

Here's the address: 3190 N Sanders St, Helena, MT



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I'd watch one with ya some weekend when you move to Helena.  I know there are a few of us in Billings, actually quite a few people here like the Wolverines.  When are you moving to Helena?


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Where at in SWMT? Helena is a good sports town, especially for football and there are a lot of great bars. Carroll college and the two HS's are powerhouses at their levels so you'll enjoy some good times.

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I will be visiting Helena Montana on the same day is the Michigan Ohio State game. If you let me know where you would like to meet, such as at a sports bar, I'd be happy to see it with a loyal Michigan fan !


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Moved to missoula in 2006 from michigan. Love it here..alittle portland like..relaxed, try to be trendy. Everyone loves the griz(u of m)..baby stadium lol..but good shit.i work 4 tens so hunting, fishing, and outdoors life..floating the rivers.etc.there is alot of mi,mn,and midwest people here now. I use to watch games at press box with a bunch of mich fans. But with time difference and rich rod i would be drunk by 1 pm lol


September 12th, 2015 at 6:11 AM ^

Grew up in the funk and went to Missoula for college and loved every minute of it.  Moved to Helena after I graduated and just recently moved to Bend OR.  Can't wait to get back to Montana.  It truly is the last best place.  GO Blue and GO Griz!!!


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Yes, there are a few Wolverines in MT, though the ones I know are mostly older grads.

I', class of "70, my husband is '69 and my son (who now lives in DC) is 2009.  Someone tried to start a chapter here about 10 or 15 years ago but there weren't enough of us to really get it going.   Email me at [email protected] for any info about Helena.


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