The Big Ten Breakout Offensive Performers

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The Wolverine's Michael Spath has posted this free content outlining some of the Big Ten's expected breakout performers.

As you might expect, Denard is the pick for Michigan.

A year ago, Robinson was a runner that happened to line up at quarterback. He totaled 351 yards rushing and scored five times while only throwing for 188 yards, completing 45.2 percent of his passes with twice as many picks (four) and touchdowns (two). But we saw a different quarterback in the spring -- one every bit as dangerous (and probably even more lethal) as a runner in the spread option, but a passer that had improved tremendously in his ability to read and react. Returning starter Tate Forcier won't cede his job without a fight, but most observers believe Robinson will be the guy come Sept. 4, and he might just give Terrelle Pryor a run for his money as the most exciting athlete in the Big Ten.

The full list:

MSU WR Keshawn Martin
Iowa OT Riley Reiff
OSU TE Jake Stoneburner
Purdue QB Robert Marve
Minn WR Da'Jon McKnight
Illinois WR A.J. Jenkins
Michigan QB Denard Robinson
Northwestern WR Jeremy Ebert
Wisconsin WR Nick Toon
PSU WR Justin Brown
Indiana Squadoosh












Some choice quotes:

  • MSU's Martin: "...probably the closest thing the Big Ten has to a Desmond Howard or Rocket Ismail type of player." [Closest maybe, but the chasm between Martin and these two Heisman winners is vast -- vast like the distance between the Earth and Mars.]
  • OSU's Stonerburner: "...any production from the [TE] position will be more than what the team has had before. Stoneburner is the best pass catching tight end that the Buckeyes have had in a while and as QB Terrelle Pryor gets more control of the offense the opportunities will be there. But will they throw to him...?" [Edit: But will they throw put the ball to him?]
  • Purdue's Marve: "...looks like one of the most talented QBs the Boilermakers have had. He's one of the most important players in the history of the program, considering where Purdue is right now." [Quite a bold statement considering the history of Purdue quarterbacks.]
  • Illinois' Jenkins: "...can stretch the field with his speed, is tough enough to go over the middle and make the catch and if he continues to work hard, he should have an All Big Ten type of season in the new offense come the fall."  [ROTFLMAO]
  • PSU's Brown: "As a true freshman last season, Brown made just five receptions for 78 yards in 10 appearances. This year, three of the Nittany Lions' top seven receptions leaders from last year either graduated or in Chaz Powell's case, moved over to defense." [I guess he better have a breakout season.  Tell me again why PSU is so highly regarded?  OL, QB and WR experience are all subpar.  Bama is licking their chops.]
  • Indiana's Squadoosh: [Really?  How hard would it have been to come up with someone from Indiana?  It's not like these other guys are all sure fire All-Big Ten performers.  Throw some love to the Hoosiers, guys.]


Number 7

June 10th, 2010 at 10:01 AM ^

I'd love to see it, of course.  But Lewan and Omameh will need to be breakout performers if any Michigan QB is going to have a chance to make a name for himself this year.


June 10th, 2010 at 10:18 AM ^

Keshawn Martin was electric last year. He has the potential to have a monster year, especially with the fact that their defense isn't going to be incredible. He'll get the ball a lot, and he's tough to catch.


June 10th, 2010 at 11:12 AM ^

will likely suffer the young QB effect, and not see the ball nearly enough to put up significant numbers. I like Green in the backfield to have a bigger breakout year at PSU. I imagine they'll try to run the ball a lot to protect their young QBs and Royster can't take all the carries.