Wojo: "poor coaching drags Michigan into first real crisis"

Submitted by wolverine1987 on November 10th, 2013 at 12:40 PM

I think most of us like Wojo and rcognize that he is one of the few good sportwriters around in the Detroit MSM. He also is evenhanded and seldom calls out anyone. So to me it's significant that his column today calls out the offensive coaches and Hoke.





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I think this is a pretty good suggestion, since it appears as though Campbell actually might have been good at coaching. This is from his wiki profile:

"At Michigan, Campbell coached wide receivers and punt returners. He was also the team's assistant head coach from 2003 to 2007. He set an NCAA record by coaching a 1,000-yard receiver for eight consecutive years from 1998 to 2005. During his tenure at Michigan, he coached receivers Braylon Edwards, David Terrell, Marquise Walker, Amani Toomer, Mercury Hayes, Tai Streets, Marcus Knight, Jason Avant, Mario Manningham, Adrian Arrington, Steve Breaston, and Ronald Bellamy. He also coached Charles Woodson as a punt returner, and Steve Breaston set a Big Ten record with 1,599 career punt return yards (12.6 yards per return) with Campbell as his position coach."

Unless he just loves Montreal and is getting paid big $$, I wouldn't be surprised if he'd be interested in coming back to Michigan.


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other retread "michigan men" like Loeffler have not been particularly good at their other stops. Why not just give a young promising guy like Coach Heck a shot? It seems like he coaches the wideouts pretty well (at least they block well!) and he's been an OC at some of his previous stops. And he's the recruiting coordinator.


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Needs to go up to Mount Pleasant where they belong and take over CMU - MAC quality at best and that is why Hoke was out at San Diego. His staff is incompetent and he hasn't corrected anything which makes him incompetent as well. This program won't return to where we were unless we go and steal a top notch staff.


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Your premise doesn't hold up.

Hoke went from Ball State (MAC) to SDSU (Mountain West)

Urban Meyer went from Bowling Green (MAC) to Utah (Mountain West)

Is Urban Meyer a better coach than Brady Hoke? Of course, but it has nothing to do with coaching at a small school out west for a short time.


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Dave Brandon's judgement in firing RR was both narrow minded & short sighted.

Hoke is a glorified position coach who resembles Barney Fife.

Michigan needs to find a Sheriff.

1 percent

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Yeah that or was based off of having zero defense, given up 50+ in his last game to a meh Ole Miss team, having an abysmal record against rivals, barely 1 season over 500, sanctions, terrible recruiting, and bad hires ... Other than that Brandon jumped the gun, right?


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Michigan would not give RR another measley 5 grand to bring his DC with him nor offer the guy an actual contrct compared to the Red Carpet treatment afforded to Hoke who had Denard's Jr & Sr season too boot. Apply the same standard  ro measure the product on the field as before to realize this is not the guy you thought he was.


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My Post is about Dave Brandon's Judgement:

A. Short Sighted;

Changing horses in midstream.


B. Narrow Minded;

Michigan DNA as the main criteria.


RR is pertinent to the 1st point.

Beyond that I will not comment,

Unless brought up in response.


This is what Dave Brandon wrought,

This is His Choice to parade up & down the sidelines sans headphones.

Let him Live with it & be Judged by it.





Sten Carlson

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First off, Wojo's article is spot on.

I think everyone should wrap their head around the fact that Brady Hoke's job is NOWHERE near in jeopardy. Brandon is not going to subject the Michigan program to another, potentially damaging, coaching change this soon. Right now the program is in desperate need of stability, not change.

That being said, however, to think that Hoke is somehow satisfied with the offense -- and particularly the running game -- is asinine (despite what he says in pressers). Hoke said specifically that Michigan is going to run the ball, and right now it is doing the complete opposite of that. Whether he's a delegator type of not, it is plainly obvious to even the casual observer that something is seriously wrong with Michigan's offense, and it's OLine in particular -- let alone someone who is totally immersed in the program. Don't let Hoke's comments and his sort of bumbling nice guy personae trick you into believing for one second that he's not completely in control of the situation.

I stand by my comments about Hoke taking a dogmatic approach to development. He's going to get these kids to execute by letting them try to execute until they get it right. Further, the youth issues are a factor, and that issue will only be resolved with time. However, what we saw saw last night after the muffed punt has nothing to do with youth, nor anything to do with dogmatic development -- it was nothing but stupidity on the part of Borges. Honestly, I hate ascribing stupidity to people who have done something as long as Borges has. But, what other conclusion can one logically come to?

Back to Hoke and the overall trajectory of the program. I would be shocked if Funk, Jackson, and Borges are on the staff next season. Those three coaches oversee the running game, and it's an historic cluster fuck. Hoke knows what Michigan expects of him and the team he leads, he knows that something needs to change, and that time will fix some issues, but not all the issues that plague this offense.


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First of all - welcome to the "WTF is Borges thinking team".  You'll find our club growing in members every day and it's a lot easier to attribute his weekly WTF play calling to being just a bad play caller than some master plan he is about to unleash on everyone.

Second of all I respectfully disagree with your assessment that Hoke is unhappy with his coaching staff and will make changes.  He is most certainly unhappy with the results but I firmly believe - from both his words and his actions - that he believes the failings are that of youth, not his coaches, and time will make things right.

I dont think anybody is going anywhere for a year at least.  

no joke its hoke

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i question I have is even if we fire Borges, do you trust Hoke to go hire the best OC he can? or will he be like a large portion of this fan base and go get a "Michigan man" like Debord or Parrish?


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For anyone who missed it, YouTube the Saban 60 minutes piece. Certainly plenty of fluff, but one thing that stands out - the guy knows how to coach. Jimbo Fisher can talk football circles around the best of them. Meyer may be hated in Florida but the guy wins wherever he goes. Hoke talks about "hearing football" and tries to stuff the term "physicality" into every sentence. I'm sorry but the guy seems to be in a bit beyond his pay grade. Who is the answer if he's not? Go to the pro's?

Cold War

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"So this is on the coaching staff and offensive coordinator Al Borges, who has failed to make consistent adjustments."

Not sure what team he's been watching if he doesn't think adjustments are being made - they were made during the Nebraska game. Hard to take  him seriously after that comment.

Just lazy, bandwagon, blame the coaches journalsim. No insight or analysis to back his talking points whatsoever.


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The Hoke Era jumped the Shark once Brandon and his marketing guy, convinced Hoke that wearing Clowniforms vs. your rival was a good thing "for the kids". 

Later, they convinced Hoke that unretiring Michigan football Legends numbers, and bestowing them on kids who had barely done next to nothing in their Michigan careers, was a good idea and one that would not promote individualism on the team.


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After PSU, I decided I'd DVR the games, enjoy my Saturday afternoon, and check the score to see if I wanted to watch. Both games since have been deleted without a look.

Yes, the 2008 team was clearly worse, but not by much. We could easily be 5-4 and headed for 5-7. The thing that's very scary is that the failure is systemic. Hoke wants Michigan to be a run-first team, and we seemingly don't have the RBs or OL in the pipeline to do it. I don't mean this year -- what in our underclass RBs or OL gives us much hope? I guess Drake Johnson was #2 until the injury, but Green and Smith look clueless. It just doesn't seem like anyone on the offense is being coached up and improving.

As far as scheme and play-calling, the things we can do aren't apparently called enough. Someone talked about the first drive after the half and how we moved the ball. After that, those plays weren't seen again. That's ludicrous. Hoke made mention that before the Indiana game, he had to tell Al to go for the end zone. Why would an OC need to be told that? Either Borges or Hoke puts trying to control clock ABOVE scoring points? Maybe in the last half of the fourth quarter with the lead, but not as a game strategy.

I've been a fan since before I can remember, but this team is unwatchable, and looks to be so for the foreseeable future. Sad.


November 10th, 2013 at 6:46 PM ^

That doesn't make any sense - the most important thing is the score so by checking it first you're defeating the purpose of watching the game at all. Now don't get me wrong, I DVR pretty much every single game but I still watch them in their entirety. It's a lot easier to deal with a loss when you've only lost an hour of your Saturday than 3+...


November 11th, 2013 at 9:36 AM ^

maybe, just maybe, Hoke is actually not a "good" football coach, and maybe he knows nothing about offensive playcalling... so he washes his hands of it every week. he was a defensive lineman in college and that's been his calling ever since. motivation and keeping The Team The Team The Team together is one thing, but knowing how to win games by scoring points is quite another.

i'm not saying, i'm just saying.