Wojo on the Ohio border opening

Submitted by wolverine1987 on July 14th, 2011 at 9:53 AM

Although there is too much sparty mention here, Wojo discusses the opportunity presented by the recent OSU trouble. Discussing the Kalis commitment: "Of course, this is just one verbal agreement from one kid. But it's especially notable because he originally committed to the Buckeyes, until Jim Tressel was busted for serial lying and replaced by Luke Fickell."

From The Detroit News: http://detnews.com/article/20110714/OPINION03/107140366/U-M--MSU-gladly-step-over-battered-Ohio-State-in-recruit-race#ixzz1S5UWz300





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Both bringing in Hoke and Mattison coupled with OSU's troubles are creating a perfect storm for us to keep getting and establishing a better pipeline into Ohio.


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That Michigan getting big recruits out of Ohio is a big deal, and I think the Wojo article is a little off to the extent that it suggests this is a brave new world or a short-term opportunity (can't really tell what he's getting at).  

It really was not long ago that Michigan would routinely beat OSU for kids like these.  Tressel somehow put a stranglehold on the state (partially with cheating, but who knows how much that had to do with it), and RichRod didn't seem to make Ohio or the rest of the midwest much of a priority.  

So yeah, in the context of the last few years, this is surprising, but hopefully it becomes the norm again, as it always had been until recently. 


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Tressel did it because he won and won a lot, cheating or not. I think it's a bit of a myth that RR avoided the Midwest... M under Carr recruited more west coasters and RR had more kids from the south. You take the talent you can to fit the system you want to run.


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How "recently."  Michigan hasn't "routinely" gotten great recruits out of Ohio since Tressel got there.  They got a few, but not nearly as many.  The sample might not be big enough for some, but one could infer from the data that Tressel's cheating was what made more Ohio players go to THE Ohio State University than did before he got there.  

What else could be the reason?  His dynamic personality?

Jon Benke

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They got one 4* guy - Pittman, big deal.  He's also a guy some believe Michigan had no room for and Ohio State could easily win back.  Michigan State had no reason to being mentioned.  It's not as if they are in on any of the guys that are left, but...

What can I expect?