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Help.  I am concerned and worried about this game.  Here is why:

We live in the south (Atlanta) and my dad and I are huge golfers.  We ALWAYS plan our weekend golf schedules around Michigan games, and always plan around football Saturdays.  With the usual good weather we get down here, basketball season isn’t an issue because if we have a mid-day game on Saturday or Sunday, we will play on the opposite day.  But with the recent ice and bad weather, the golf course we play at has been closed for the past week or so.  Today is the first day it has been open, and my dad, who has a case of cabin fever, is forgoing the Michigan game to play golf.  I will be watching the game in my usual spot, as I can’t concentrate when Michigan is playing.  You may be wondering why this is an issue and I’ll tell you.  There have been VERY few instances where my dad has chosen golf over a Michigan game over the past 10 years.  Basketball used to be a non-factor because we were bad/no BTN, but we don’t miss either sport.  Here are the ONLY OTHER previous instances where he did not attend games and played golf instead:

-          Wisconsin @ Michigan, Football, November 20, 2010 --- Wisconsin win 48-28

-          Michigan @ Wisconsin, Basketball, February 9, 2013 --- Wisconsin win 65-62 OT

-          Michigan vs. Wisconsin, Basketball, March 15, 2013 --- Wisconsin win 68-59

My dad is playing golf today.


How can I break this curse?????


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Here are the comparison stats from TeamRankings...

Wisconsin Michigan
Points/Game 73.2   75.5
Avg Score Margin +9.9   +11.1
Assists/Game 11.9   14.8
Total Rebounds/Gm 33.6   33.0
Effective FG % 53.2%   55.9%
Off Rebound % 26.5%   27.4%
FTA/FGA 0.445   0.358
Turnover % 11.7%   13.5%
Opp Points/Game 63.4   64.4
Opp Effective FG % 46.7%   48.6%
Off Rebounds/Gm 7.7   7.8
Def Rebounds/Gm 23.4   22.5
Blocks/Game 3.4   2.8
Steals/Game 5.0   5.4
Personal Fouls/Gm 15.0   14.5



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If we can hold serve today, I'd have to think we've got a top two seed for the Big 10 tournament just about wrapped up, and anything less than a 15-3 finish in the conference would be somewhat disappointing.  Let's do it!


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We simply need to handcheck and grab as much as they are. If the refs are letting it happen, we must do it too. Seems like we can rarely adjust to that in game