Wisconsin switches QBs, Stave now the starter

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Pretty interesting things going on in Madison post losing Chryst, Bostad and then Wilson to graduation. They can't seem to find the floor on this one after firing their new O-line coach and now demoting their newly transferred starting QB. I guess I am glad I missed them last year, but would be interested to see how we would fare this year.





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Now,  does O'Brien's contract allow for him to go somewhere else in free agency, or, does he have to wait until next year to sign with a new team?


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Wiscy avoided a bad year last year by loopholing Russell Wilson as a rental.  I am extremely happy to see it not work out for them this year.  Part of college football is having to develop QB's from within your own program. 

I know Wiscy didn't cheat because the loophole was and is legal, but it sure feels like they did.  If the Big Ten didn't need Wiscy to be a high-quality program so badly, I would wish them a few years in Bolivia.


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Indeed, he was quite the opposite, having been BENCHED at Maryland.

I'm glad Wiscy is struggling, perhaps karma for the Wilson not-cheating-but-it-feels-like-cheating last year, but I actually don't mind guys like O'Brien using this loophole. He wasn't going to play at Maryland, why not reward him for graduating in three years and let him go somewhere he can play. I know there's no way to legislate against the Wilson types while allowing the O'Brien types, but there should be.


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Tough call because the eligible teams are so mediocre right now. Ohio will likely "win" the division, because apparently the B1G says they can still do that, but who goes to the Championship game looks like a three place toss up of Wiscy, Purdue, and maybe Illinois because of tough scheduling. Wisconsin has the best schedule, they avoid us and Northwestern, and get Sparty and Ohio at home, but have to play @Nebraska, @ Purdue  and @ Penn State. Purdue is home to Wisconsin, but also hosts Michigan, then plays @Ohio, @MInnesota, @Iowa, and @Illinois. Illinois has it rough playing @Michigan, @Wisconsin, @Ohio, and @Northwestern, but could still be a 6 win team by the time they host Purdue.


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  We'll see after this week just how bad Wisconsin is. If they struggle against UTEP I think the correct question to ask is Who in the "Leaders" division can Wisconsin beat. Possibly Indiana and Penn State but as of Right now I'll take Illinois and Purdue over wisconsin.


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They had the perfect storm come together last year.  Russell turned out to be the real deal times ten and they had a world class O-line.  Russel being able to learn a new offense in a couple of months was a coup.

Now, O'Brien is not that great, their replacement O-linemen are not of the same quality and their offensive coaching staff is at Pitt.  Ball is finding out what it is like to play behind an O-line that is average.

Wiscy's only salvation is a weak division, but the way they are playing, that may not matter.


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I think Chryst and Bostad were the real coaching talent in Madison the past few years. I'm not sure what kind of recruiter Chryst is, he had the rep of being somewhat introverted, but if he can recruit at all, he has the chance to turn Pitt into a contender in the ACC. With Penn State sure to struggle for the next few years, Pitt should be able to clean up in Pennsylvania and be able to sell a better conference than the Big East.

State Street

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Montee Ball actually said last night in an interview that they didn't practice hard enough in preseason camp.  Quite a far cry from normal player/coach speak.  Things don't look too good in Madison.


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I remember coach Ferrigno saying something along those lines jokingly about himself in an interview. When he was the TE coach at Oregon Tony Gonzales was on the team and Ferrigno said he was the greatest TE coach in the country, then when Tony got drafted he was the worst TE coach again. 


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I've started to have this image of Bielema in his office, pondering Stave's 2-of-6 for 15 yards this season...

"Good evening, I'm Bret Bielema, and we'll soon know the jersey number of this Saturday's starting quarterback...."


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win with defense, offense and QB play conservative, minimal turnovers,  and don't make mistakes. That's how they played in the 2nd half and won last week. And with PSU down, it can work this year for them in the division.