Wisconsin Starting DE: Loudermilk Ruled Out For Michigan

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What a great name...

He is widely regarded as their best pass rushing DE, who has been hobbled for most of the year. This can't help their already poor pass rush. They're 115th nationally in sack rate, and 118th on passing downs. This puts a significant amount of pressure on their ILBs (Edwards and Connelly, who may be the best combo in the BIG).

This in combination with their banged up secondary suggests that we should hopefully be able to throw the ball downfield, which Patterson has proven to be adept at doing.



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Man, the injury bug is no joke this year.  Just with teams of immediate note to us, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Michigan State are getting depleted by injuries.  This is a war of attrition more than any recent year I can remember.


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Ohio St is actually missing a couple starters and had a few injuries this season.Bosa,Bowen (OL)

A couple linebackers "penciled in as starters" got hurt very early on.

I hate OSU as much as anyone,but they have been hit hard with injuries.People dont notice because of the depth.

I will never understand why more teams dont follow the Urban game plan,move your fastest players around to get them matched up vs LB or Safeties,then throw them a slant or quick pass.


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It doesn’t hurt our chances that he is out, but over the years I’ve learned to lower my expectations in terms of impact when a team has a guy or two out of the game. Seems like someone always steps up and fills in adequately. Especially on good teams. The exception would be qb for most teams. If Hornibrook was out, that would likely change the complexion of their offense quite a bit. 

Winning Curesall

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Here here.

The Michigan game is circled on the calanders of so many teams and there are tons of talented backups out there just waiting for their shot. And what a better way to prove their worth than a good day against Michigan?

I agree, also, that quarterback is a gamechanger injury as most of us can remember from last year.


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Don't disagree, but are we super-sure that Wisconsin's defense is all that good anyway?  They are down a lot already from that defense before he was lost, and it's shown on the field.  There will probably be a backup who plays fine, but teams like Wisconsin survive because they have experienced guys who stay healthy; when that doesn't happen they don't have a ton of 4*+ talent just waiting around that can fake it till they make it.


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I was going to say that, at least in my experience, chocolate milk tends to be the Loudermilk, but then realized that sounds racist, and since I have already been accused of being racist this week while talking about brown dwarf stars in binary star systems, I'd better not say anything. But I've... said too much now... 


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10/11/18LBAndrew Van GinkelLegis "?" Saturday vs Michigan

10/11/18RBBradrick ShawLegis OUT Saturday vs Michigan

10/11/18CBTravian BlaylockLegis OUT Saturday vs Michigan

10/11/18LBGriffin GradyLegis downgraded to OUT Saturday vs Michigan

10/11/18DEIsaiahh LoudermilkAnkleis downgraded to OUT Saturday vs Michigan

10/08/18SD'cota DixonLegis upgraded to probable Saturday vs Michigan

10/07/18CBCaesar WilliamsLegis "?" Saturday vs Michigan

10/07/18CBDeron HarrellUpper Bodyis "?" Saturday vs Michigan

10/07/18SScott NelsonTargeting Suspensionis OUT 1st half Saturday vs Michigan

10/04/18TEZander NeuvilleLegis out for season

09/29/18DEKeldric PrestonUndisclosedhas left team

09/06/18SPatrick JohnsonPersonalhas left team

09/03/18OLBlake SmithbackLegis out for season

09/03/18LBMason PlatterLegis out for season

08/31/18CBDontye Carriere-WilliamsPersonalhas left team

08/19/18WRQuintez CephusLegal problemsis out indefinitely

07/04/18DEGarrett RandACLis out for season

06/26/18LBZack BaunFootis out indefinitely


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I don’t see anything on their list that’s really devestating for them. Our list is probably a little worse if we listed them.