Wisconsin Road Trip: Michigan sections, and be sure to attend the hockey games too!

Submitted by stephenrjking on November 13th, 2017 at 3:35 PM

My birthday is Friday, and I'm celebrating by going to Madison to see Michigan get sacrificed to courageously defeat Wisconsin in a game or two. 

Notable: Michigan plays at Wisconsin in hockey both Friday and Saturday night. I will be racing home to Duluth right after the football game is over Saturday, but I think I'm going to try to make the hockey game Friday, and other MIchigan fans should, too. Plenty of good seats available on the official website at $20-$24 a piece. The team is markedly improved from last year and a road hockey game is a great warmup for football the next day. The Kohl Center is big, but a fine place to watch hockey, and you will enjoy yourself.

For those considering buying tickets for the football game and making the trip, I confirmed the Michigan allotment sections with a kind gentleman at the U of M ticket office. They are (section - rows):

Aa 19-41
Cc 32-41
Dd 26-36
ii 34-41
Kk 33-41
LL 19-41
U 6-9
X 6-23
Y3 60-64
YZ 59-64

I've just purchased tickets in the boondocks in section AA, where my daughter and I and a few hundred of my closest friends will frigidly root for a big upset. Go Blue!



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Thanks for confirming - was getting varied answers in my other thread across all of those sections.

Again, I will be with 10 Wolverines sitting 5 rows behind the net in section 101 Friday night!


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Yeah I mean clearly they are trying to screw us a little bit by not making it a big away section.  This is my final stadium of the "old" Big Ten (12) where I'll see Michigan play, and it seems much more spread out than all others.  Anyway, let's get some maize in there!  I'm excited to cross this final stadium off my list.


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Will be 8 of us at the Hockey game Friday and obviosuly the game Saturday. Got them from the Wisconsin ticket office but sounds like were close to the Michigan section in CC Row 30. Thanks for confirming glad to know there will be some friendly colors near us.


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Badger fans can be dicks, and a visit from Michigan will likely bring out more of that behavior than a visit from Maryland. But while you will likely get "asshole" chanted at you, handling it with a light hearted response will often get you a beer or a shot. (And our student section playfully chants "F you, eat shit" at each other.)

I'm thinking the early start will definitely minimize some of the drunken idiots.


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get a 3 game sweep over Wisky this weekend, with hockey going 2-0 and football winning also. Definitely check out hockey if you can while spending the weekend in Madison.

Mr. Robot

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Appreciate the intel on vistor sections!

I am going to be in Wisconsin this weekend by chance and with the noon kick I am able to make the game. I will be sure to choose a ticket in or close to what you have listed.


November 14th, 2017 at 5:29 AM ^

since there are so many deer around here and they do signif crop damage we can get blocks of them.  taking youngest daughter tomorrow a.m. as she is next up for the kids to take her first deer. the mantra is 'if it's brown, it's down', meaning any deer is good for eating and trying to pare down their exploding population.

maybe i should 'live blog' the hunt.   (jk)


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We won 38-20 and the drum guy was pounding his drum in the visitors endzone. I wonder if they still drum all game?

What are prices for tickets?

rob f

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since Saturday evening, as it is "only" a 250 mile drive and I'm tempted to make it a day trip and back.

Lowest price I've seen so far was $97 each for a pair; lowest currently is $100 ea. for a pair, $108 for a single.

With a forecast of rain/snow mix in the morning and game time temp of 33° and dropping thru the afternoon w/ windchill in the low 20s, I'd expect ticket prices to drop if you wait it out.

My only trip to Camp Randall was in 1981, had seats 10 rows up directly behind the Michigan bench. Opening game of the season (yes, the Big Ten scheduled that way back then), we went in ranked #1 preseason and Wisky was unranked and we laid an egg. Lost 21-14 and other than an 80+ yard TD run by Butch Woolfolk, our offense stunk up the place that day. Steve Smith missed several open receivers and threw 3 interceptions that day as our heralded offensive line leaked like a sieve all day.

At one point in the 2nd half we saw our all-conference center Tom Dixon and another offensive lineman (I think it was either Kurt Becker or Ed Muransky ) get into a shoving and shouting match in front of us along the sideline---they were separated by coaches and other players before fists were thrown.

Needless to say, Bo was not a happy camper at Camp Randall afterwards. I seem to recall him blaming the coaching, the offense, the defense and special teams equally in the post game interview, pretty much saying that we failed miserably in all facets of the game.


November 14th, 2017 at 8:28 AM ^

Football and Hockey, hockey tickets through University were plentiful. There is a hockey will call at the football stadium. Here's hoping the weather and our boys hold tight.


Go Blue X 2


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Go Blue! This is our big family rivalry (of the five people in my immediate family who have gone to college so far, we have 3 Badgers and 2 Wolverines), plus lots of extended family Badgers who will all be descending on Madison on Saturday. 

We'll be at football in the lower parts of Section Y3. We're not going to hockey Friday night, but are playing Saturday by ear, depending on how the game goes and if the losing side wants a chance at redemption! Here's hoping that my brother and I are as happy at the post-game Saturday dinner as we were last October on Main Street in Ann Arbor!



Tickets will be plentiful for the Saturday night hockey game and I imagine they'll probably advertise for it during the football game. 


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...that likes southeast Asian food, I can't recommend this place enough:


There are two locations (I think her cousin runs the other one) but the one on Williamson is the older and better. Unfortunately there are only about a dozen tables so it might be hard to get seated. The other location, on Atwood, is bigger.

Might be my favorite restaurant anywhere. If I'm driving past Madison I always try to time it up so I'm there around dinnertime.