Wisconsin Norfleet moved to Slot Receiver

Submitted by DISCUSS Man on August 5th, 2013 at 6:33 PM

Per Chantel Jennings on twitter. Bubble screens?

Also, apprently Norfleet's nickname is/was Wisconsin.





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I thought this was announced a few weeks ago. Maybe I just heard a rumor and now it is confirmed? Either way, this is a great move. It will be exciting to see Norfleet get more touches, and I think this position will be a great fit for him.


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Brown Bear

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I doubt he's been told that considering its been Hoke's staff philosophy that every job has to be earned. So I take this as him being confident in himself that he will be the starter.

Ron Utah

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While I believe he could have been productive as a Darren Sproles type, slot is much more suited to his size/skills than is the traditional RB, especially in our offense.  I loved watching him take a hand-off in the spring game, but one has to wonder if 'Sconsin wouldn't get bludgeoned by opposing defenses in our MANBALL offense.

This is great news, and what I thought we'd be hearing last season.


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Moving Dennis Norfleet to slot receiver makes bubble screens an intriguing possibility, as well as the odd shovel pass and short routes which require lateral quickness rather than speed. Norfleet seems to fit the profile in many respects, I would think. If the pocket isn't holding, then having someone who can take a nice, quick and shallow pass over the middle is nice, and this is something the Norfleet will probably do well. As I recall, and I could be incorrect, this was one of the reasons he was recruited, because of this potential. 


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We need more playmakers at receiver, and we need to get Norfleet more touches, without depending on him to block too much. I've been hoping they would use him this way...now just hope that he can produce in that spot.