Wisconsin BBall Postgame Thoughts

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Will Beilein ever put a man on the inbound? Forget fouling, that end was exactly like Evan Turner's shot against us

Brian's take on the Refs, and the game

There is no justice. There is only Bo Ryan ruining basketball.

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...just how upset a 41 year old father of three can get over his teaming losing.  Man, I need to put myself in a timeout.  Arrrggggghhh...

Here are just a few "Y U No"s..

1) Y U No foul??!!! (Levert)

2) Y U No make layup??!!! (Team)

3) Y U No dunk it?!?!?! (McGary)

4) Y U No show up lately?!??!!  (GRobIII)

5) Y U No play with emotion?!?! (everyone minus McGary and THJ)

6) Y U No box out ?!?!?!?!?!?! (Team)





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disappointing way to end the game. if we beat sparty on the road, though, all sins will be forgiven. luck and officials not on our side today. and if hardaway doesn't toe the line on consecutive long 2s in the second half, we are not even in that situation at the end of the game in regulation. hard to win after a miracle like wisky had to end regulation on the road


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I don't mind losing when the other team just had a better game, but I absolutely hate losing in this fashion by a fluke half-court chuck.

Wisconsin doesn't deserve the success they have. They always have the softest schedules and they play the worst brand of basketball on earth.


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It's yet another example of a big opponent getting the critical shots needed against us and they get them....every....single time.

Cody Zeller plays like crap, then plays like an all star against us. Wisconsin can't make a free throw to save their lives (they missed 6 in the final minute against Sparty) then make the majority of them today. Miracle shot to save the game against us? Second time in 3 years. And I didn't see OSU ever get as many second chance points in a game until they played us on Tuesday.

Some of it is on us, yes. But some is also on luck. And it's going to happen when we play MSU too. Sparty is in a dog fight every game. But the shots are going to drop against us and the rebounds are going to go their way too. We're going to have to shoot lights out to stay in that game.


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Once he hit the buzzer beater I knew right then that we would not be walking out of the Kohl Center with our first win against Bo Ryan.

The basketball gods would not let Wisconsin lose the game after that. Hardaway made a HUGE shot only to be outdone and crushing ever Michigan basketball fan's spirits.

snarling wolverine

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I think we had two options here, strategy-wise:

1.  Leave the inbounder unguarded and foul immediately.  You leave him unguarded so that it's almost impossible for someone to get open (it's four on five for the offense).

2.  Guard the inbounder and take your chances.  The inbounds pass may be worse but you also are more vulnerable to screens.

We seem to have gone with the first one (Beilein was calling for the players to foul) but unfortunately, we forgot the "foul immediately" part.  

Durham Blue

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could see Michigan outplayed Wiscy today and really should've won in reg time. Very lucky shot for Wiscy. That one goes in one time in 50 tries. The loss won't hurt much at all in the eyes of the voters, IMO.


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for the third straight game looks like an ordinary freshman, or worse. On the other hand McGary right now the thrid best player on the team and pushing Hardaway for second. I question Beilein's offensive calls for the last five minutes of regulation and OT. Defensively all you have to do is listen to Dan Dakich.

Not the end of the world but I'd like to see someof these players and coaches grow up and not make the same mistakes to allow lesser teams into game tying/losing situations.


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Why did Max Bielfeldt get so much (18 Minutes) PT while Horford spent 33 minutes on the bench? I dont think he is a high-quality player. Even when he does something good like get an offensive rebound, he procedes to try to do too much and gets stuffed instead of kicking it back out with a fresh shot clock. Bieldfelt went 1-3 from the floor and both of the missed shots were rebounds followed by blocked shots. 




Do you think that Beilein tells the players not to dunk it? Ove the past 3 games our guys have opted for lay-ups on wide open opportunities for authoritative dunks - often coming at pivitol times of the game. Today, McGary got a steal and a break away and instead of dunking the ball with 2 minutes left in OT (game tied at 62-62) to quell the crowd and take momentum, he put up a soft lay up which ended up rolling out. 


February 9th, 2013 at 3:27 PM ^

Max B played better than expected. Hard to blame a loss like that on one player, although I do have to believe if Horford is not on the floor in the 1st half, Michigan is up by more than 1 at the break.

Horford has started to play better the last 3 games however Today he was awful, weak, indecisive, and a liability.

Obviously this team is hurting by not having Jordan Morgan on pick and rolls and on D hedging the screen


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No fire the head coach posts? Lol This blog is slightly embarrassing after an emotional loss. We just lost to a good team on the road that went to OT on a last second shot from half cour. Being an armchair coach sure is fun!


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under our basket when Wisky needs a three in regulation with 2 seconds going full court?It's not like Michigan doesn't get real game chances to practice last second plays offensively AND defensively - yet we get burned on both ends again...


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Obviously. No reason biefeldt would be playing with less than 10 minutes in a close game if we have a healthy Morgan. We needed our soundest defender out there to close out the game


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Not positive, becuase I don't think they track the stat, but I thought he played pretty well today and sparked a couple runs for us in both the first and second half.

I know the missed layup wasn't good, but Mitch hitting those outside jumpers could prove to be really big in the future for this team.  He seems to keep having "his best game of the year"


An angle I haven't read too much about is THJ taking that 3 at the end of regulation, I understand we were rewarded today, but that's two games in a row in a tie game with the ball and we took 3 pointers, I feel like burke should be able to get into the lane and take an easier shot.  And also it seems like after the under 4 media timeout we go into a shell and stop running the offense.  I know Stauskis passed up an open 3 early in OT and I'm sure we ran the clock down for a similar contested shot at the end of the possession.


Just have to somehow get over that one quick and regroup for msu!


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A few things from the box score that are of note, I think...

From the standpoint of team effective field goal percentage, this was statistically our worst performance among the three losses. We had an effective  FG% of 43.0% this time around, compared to allowing an effective percentage of 52.6% to Wisconsin. In the Indiana game, we managed an effective FG% of 47.9% while allowing Indiana to shoot 59.0% on the same metric. 

It seemed like Wisconsin was able to dictate the pace of the game a little bit, never really allowing Michigan to settle comfortably into a rhythm. Indeed, we attempted 71 field goals, 18 three-point shots and 2 free throws and managed 62 points which, working through estimating possessions, comes to an offensive efficiency of around 0.899. That's far below our average.

We didn't get outrebounded by much, at least by the numbers, but we left quite a few shots out there on bad looks, it seems, and when the two biggest contributors offensively are still 8-for-21 and 8-for-17 on FGs, it seems apparent. We'll definitely have to play a tighter game and make some of those baskets at the Breslin Center.  




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it, but I think that the last three games or so might indicate that Morgan is a more important component of this team than some people give him credit for.

L'Carpetron Do…

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I agree .  I think Morgan is so key on defense.  While he may not make a lot of big highlight reel plays, hes usually in the right spot to hedge on a pick or otherwise disrupt the flow of the offense.  It's also good just to have some experience on the floor.  And he's a good finisher.

I'm surprised no on has really mentioned it.  I think  with him on the floor, maybe Michiggan wins the Indiana game.  Ohio State doesnt go to OT because we don't let up so many weak offensive boards down the stretch.  And today...well...lets not talk about today.

His absence has allowed McGary to get a ton of minutes though and he's developing very nicely.  I'm psyched to see Morgan and McGary on the floor at the same time when he comes back.  They'll wreak havoc.

I'm really surprised the announcers didnt mention him.  I honestly don't recall his name being mentioned once.  I was getting tired of hearing Jared Sullinger being mentioned more than a key player who was actually in the building.  Dakich is a buffoon, what should I really expect?


February 9th, 2013 at 3:48 PM ^

Well that just fucked up an otherwise nice Saturday afternoon.  I hate those Badgers.  Please tell me Brusewitz or however the hell you spell his name graduates this year. Fuck the announcers too.