Wisconsin BBall Postgame Thoughts

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Will Beilein ever put a man on the inbound? Forget fouling, that end was exactly like Evan Turner's shot against us

Brian's take on the Refs, and the game

There is no justice. There is only Bo Ryan ruining basketball.

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This will not be popular and this is not a knee jerk reaction to this one loss, but this team will not be winning the national championship this year. It does not matter what happens at MSU on Tuesday. It does not matter that they beat OSU. The past three games have proven Michigan is not a team that can impose its will on another team. You can not make it through 6 games in the tournament without being able to impose your will on the opponent. The Indiana game, OSU game, and Wisconsin game were all played how the opposing team wanted to play.
Beilein chose to shorten the game against OSU and it almost cost him. He chose to shorten the game at Wisconsin and it did cost him. Both of those decisions played right into the opponents strengths.
I believe Beilein is a great coach and has a great coaching staff. I believe Michigan has very talented players who play hard and want to win. I don't think they know how to play at an elite level consistently and that's what it takes to win it all. No excuses about the schedule. That's what the sweet 16 through the championship will be like.


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Especially with no 1 guy who can impose his will. Burke's great, but a solid defender can force him to take ridiculous shots or pass too late in the shot clock. Even Hardaway's 3 at the end of reg was a bad play that was bailed out with his great shot.
Couple that with a lack of set plays and we're utterly predictable on most O possessions.
UW isn't talented or tough enough to control the game, but they did. OT in particular.


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Meh.  Anything can happen in a 3 week period.  Seriously if Canadian Bacon pulls 70% of that Glen Rice 89 shooting performance and everyone else plays the same as they are now (even with GRIII disappearing) they will be difficult to beat in any game.   

There is nothing more debilitating in college basketball than some kid going 5-8 or 6-9 on 3 pointers, esp if he makes it look effortless.  Stauk can do that, but the question is will he do that in March.  We shall see, I think he is the X factor.  Burke is the type of player that can lead a team through the grind of the tournament but he needs some help other than THJ and McGrady.


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Also I know the theory about trying to get an offensive rebound but I would wait to shoot the last shot of regualtion as the clock is expiring  and preferably a two.

San Diego Mick

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put someone on the inbound passer in regulation and don't put Lavert in there when he has done nothing and both crucial 3's were shot on him, just awful.

Nik and GRIII hurt us again in this game, Nik is not trying hard enough to get a shot off IME and he seems timid to do so.

GRIII just looks lost out there lately, he needs to get more aggressive.

THJ was awesome, Burke played ok and Mitch was a stud, we do seem to be missing Morgan. We need to suck it up and get tough and beat Sparty, crucial game now that we blew this one to guarantee 2-2 in a tough stretch.


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I am sorry, but damn there are just so many Negative Nannys here. I am not directing this at you, but I have a feeling most of the "downers" barely even watched Michigan Basketball until a couple of years ago at best. 

The State game is NOT a knock-out game. In fact, it is a game where State will be favored to win and is a huge bonus if Michigan comes out with the victory. 

I thought it was common knowledge, but do most of you know the receipe to win the Big Ten Regular Season title? 

A) Defend your home court.

B) Beat the teams you are suppose to beat on the road.

C) Steal a couple of road games you are not suppose to win.

So far Michigan has accomplished both A and B. As far as C, Michigan beat Minnesota @ the Barn and just came up short again Wisconsin, but this was a game I would classify as C and not B. Michigan still has at a C with the game vs State on Tuesday. 

Now if you want to look at State, so far they have pretty much done the exact same thing as Michigan. They did A and B, and have one C victory over Wisconsin but they lost the Minnesota @ the Barn. They stll have to go to OSU and have 3 very tough games at home vs Mich, IU, and Wisco. 

Everyone needs to quit freaking out about one game where we lost because of a Prayer! Enjoy this Michigan team as it is. Yes it has its weakness, but this is the best it has been in 20 years! And if you haven't been watching Michigan basketball for more then the last couple of years, please STFU, and let the rest of us enjoy the this team for all that they are (and are not). 


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Sparty acutally has a brutal 4 game stretch coming up at the end of the season:

Indiana, @OSU, @Michigan, Wisky

They'll probably lose 1 or 2 of those games.  Of course, if UM loses at East Lansing UM will be two games behind State and probably need to win out to have a chance at the conference title.


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                     Having long arms does not make you a good defender.  I don't know what evidence the coaches have for thinking that LeVert is a good defender, but it must all happen in practice because it's never been showcased during a game.  It's LeVert's fault for not fouling when his coach is screaming for one, but it's the coaches fault for burning the RS and throwing the kid out there when he's clearly not ready.  He's looked completely overwhelmed in every big game this year, but he's subbed in for the final play of a conference road game?  What the fuck kind of decision is that?


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Zach and Stu aren't walking through that door. This team has a ton of potential, but it's not great by any means. We're used to having an under-talented unit that wins with grit and by doing the little things well. This team is of course much more talented than teams from the recent past,but that doesn't mean we can expect them to do everything those teams did.


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Partly bc freshmen lack the physical strength/experience. Fuck! This game was right fucking there and it take a combination of blown layups and a complete fluke of a shot leading to a mind-numbing, dong-smashing, needless loss. Ughhhh!


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I agree with not fouling if you put a man on the inbound pass. It's like letting a quarterback throw a hail mary with no pressure. The only pressure the inbound passer feels is the ref counting to 5!

And please, we didn't get beat by the refs. Once they dictated the game was going to be physical, you have to accept some contact. We got beat because of coaching miscues and inability to draw up effective plays.


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The first half goaltend was obvious. So obvious establishment media types were making fun of it. And it led to a fast break points. Two possession swing in an OT game. Or how about Stauskas getting tripped, having the ball bounce off the guy who tripped him, and then awarding the ball to Wisconsin?


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but the fact is, we only looked like a Final Four team back in December and early January when Stauskus was shooting 60% for three and GRIII was averaging 12 pts and 8 rebounds a game. Those two have gone ice cold, and if the trend holds this team is going to have a hard time making it past the first round, let alone getting to the Sweet Sixteen. Without those Stauskus and GRIII producing we virtually have the same team as last year.


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has flaws. I think this is a year where there a bunch of good to very good teams, but not any great teams. But seriously talking about this team losing in the first round because of a rough three or four game stretch, is kind of ridiculous. People need to get a grip.


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Except when the three game stretch shows a great blue print for beating this team, which it has. Michigan's also not making the hustle plays. I don't know about you but I'm getting really sick of our guys pulling down rebounds and then getting the ball stripped. They're lapsing on the little things and the hustle plays and it's going to bite them in the ass.