Wisconsin BBall Postgame Thoughts

Submitted by Lionsfan on February 9th, 2013 at 1:58 PM

Will Beilein ever put a man on the inbound? Forget fouling, that end was exactly like Evan Turner's shot against us

Brian's take on the Refs, and the game

There is no justice. There is only Bo Ryan ruining basketball.

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It looks to me like we're headed to 5th place in the Big 10 standings after Tuesday. We have no defense, no inside presence, and our freshman are quickly becoming useless. Stauskus 1-5 for 3? GRIII 4 points total?

I hate to say this but I don't think this team can even make it to the Sweet Sixteen. Our backcourt is good but not good enough to compensate for the rest of our shitty ass offense.


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Jacking up 3s when your up towrds the end of regulation.  2 points in overtime.


Our O really stalls when its within one possesion at the end of regulation.  We've got to get into the paint.


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So we get to keep GRIII til his senior year at least.  Ugh.

Seriously what happened to this kid in the past two weeks.  He has turned into a ghost.


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All 3 games that we have lost. The only exception could be Indiana, but my gosh when are we going to quit making mental mistakes.

This game was on the coaches as much as it was on the players.


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When you live in a binomial world of only 0 (miss) or 1 (make), the outcome does not dictate true difficulty. That is why I like the UFR so much, as if Brian did one for the final play in Regulation, Levert would of been in the plus with Beilien getting a -1.

Levert was in great position with a hand right in Burst face when he shot the ball. Unfortunately there wasn't much more Levert could do as Burst caught the ball in perfect stride heading slightly towards the basket. The real error here was not putting someone on the inbounder to make it difficult to make that perfect pass. 

And to all those saying "Levert should of foul", he never really had an opportunity to without taking off under a second of game time as Burst went into his shooting motion very quicky. He started it with about 1.6 second left in the game. 


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Give Wisconsin credit for making lucky shots, but that was some of the most horseshit refereeing I've ever seen.  It's not like Michigan wasn't driving to the basket.  Everytime a guy would go up you'd see an arm get raked or a guy totally knocking Burke over and it was "play on."  What complete bullshit.


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Not the missed layups or the half court shot? Refs made bad calls for them too and we played not to win in ot. We should have been rinse-repeating hardaway's layup, instead we were lacking up contested threes with little or no movement. We lost....team should own it and move on....fans can blame it on the refs, but refs are rarely the single reason we lose.


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Belein=outcoached in this game.  Trey needs to facilitate more and stop taking so many shots.  Stauskas wasn't shooting well in this one but he only took 7 shots.  Get him the ball more and also see if GR3 can do something with it.


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What a cruel way to lose the game. In the end, I just don't think Michigan deserves to win, starting with that 3 points from Wisconsin in the last 2.4 seconds.

That's REALLY REALLY REALLY bad coaching (sorry, I don't like blaming people when Michigan lost, but that's on John Beilein).

EDIT: Ok, I take it back. It could be that Levert failed to foul. Sorry if that's the case.