Wisconsin BBall Postgame Thoughts

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Will Beilein ever put a man on the inbound? Forget fouling, that end was exactly like Evan Turner's shot against us

Brian's take on the Refs, and the game

There is no justice. There is only Bo Ryan ruining basketball.

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I think we just watched their highlight and our lowlight for the 2012-2013 season. Our best days (ie March) are ahead of us.

Besides, if you root for UW you root for "that" style of play, the Italy of college hoops, except they have no titles (an event only possible if the NCAA had the entire tourney at Kohl)


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I actually agree with no fouling. There was only 2.4 seconds left and Wisconsin is inbounding from their baseline. Now if you let them pass it in to around halfcourt and foul, that only takes up at most 1 second. Now Wisconsin is inbounding with 1.4 seconds left from halfcourt. It is much easier to run a play to get a player an open look off a screen from half court.

IMO the biggest mistake was not putting someone on the inbounder to make it harder on him to throw a perfect pass to a man on the run 1/3rd of the way down the court. 


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Burst went into his shooting motion with about 1.6 seconds left and released the ball with about 0.9 seconds left. In what happened you are left with 2 scenarios.

A) Wisconsin ball at midcourt with 1.6 seconds left in the game.


B) 3 Wisconsin FTs.

I like the original scenario much better then the other two possibilities if we decided to foul. Do you know the percentage of the shot Burst made going sideways with a hand right in his face? I will give you a hint, It is not high. 

He made it, it happens. Now it is time to focus on beating State and using this game as an example that you cannot allow teams to even have a chance at the end of games because shit happens and prayers (not yours) are answered. 


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this isnt just today and Evan Turner remember when I actually think it was the red haired kid still there banked that crap three to beat us at home like 3 years ago. Which if I recall right cost us a bid to the tourney cause we needed a statement win bad that year. That being said if I see this crap one more time out of this coaching staff I will snap


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A) That was Josh Gasser

B) We made the tourney that year: 2010 - 2011

But that Turner shot was a killer as a came in the semi finals of the BTT, in the 2009-2010 year that we missed the big dance. If we won that game, all we needed to do was beat a so-so Minnesota team in the finals for the automatic bid. 


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The Turner shot came in the quarterfinal.  We still would have needed to win two more games in the next two days to make the tourney.

The Gasser shot, as noted, ultimately didn't affect our season much.

I don't think this one ultimately will either, although it's very annoying right now.  If we turn around and beat Sparty, it's a wash in my book.

There are a lot of posters here who have rediscovered the basketball program in the last couple of years after not following it for awhile, and they're still approaching basketball from a football perspective.  Unlike football, a single loss doesn't devastate your season.  Also, whereas football players basically are supposed to do exactly what their coach tells them, basketball is a much more improvisional sport and the coach's impact on individual plays is less.  Today, Beilein called for a foul, and we didn't foul.  That kind of thing happens a lot in a basketball game.  The players often don't do what the coach wants.  Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't.


Darth Wolverine

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Even John Beilein thinks you're wrong because he shouted "foul." We should have fouled them but they didn't. The game should have ended in regulation. This is fucking BS and now the game against MSU Tuesday night becomes a must win. Indiana handed us sole possession of first place and we fucked up. Totally unacceptable.


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Even worse than not fouling was that Beilein had nobody on the inbound passer and he had McGary run down under our own basket guarding nobody.  That was some dumb ass shit by a good coach.  Actually, I would say it was some unacceptable shit by an otherwise good coach.  Brust hit a total bullshit prayer but that was way too easily executed.  Michigan made it way too easy to get that half court look.  They should have made Wisconsin catch the pass coming toward the inbound passer in the back court.  If he hits some bullshit after that, I can live with it slightly more than living with it now.  Wisconsin is such a joke.


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This.  I don't understand why you do not put a big body like Mitch on the inbound passer. It makes it MUCH more difficult to throw a pass that get caught on the run like what we just saw. What good does it do to have Mitch on the court in a situation like this???


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that the other team is not going to hit a .003% shot. Now, you've got five players. You cover everyone, and you send a man down underneath to foul or prevent an easy layup from someone streaking toward the basket. 

There are a number of ways to approach such a scenario, but this is hardly a reprehensible one, let alone something you condemn the coach for. And the fact that someone else hit a buzzer-beater against us two years ago, when added to today, means (drumroll) jacksh*t.


SC Wolverine

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Yep.  I love our guys and have great hopes for this season.  But that was an exercise in refusing to win a ball game.  It is part and parcel of playing a lot of freshmen.  These were mainly mental errors, such as McGary not slamming home a dunk but trying the (missed) layup right before the end of regulation.  In the late second half I was keeping track of points we just refused to take and finally quit counting.  This was a primer in how to lose to an inferior team.  Oh well, the experience should pay off in March.


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I really don't have a problem with it in this instance.  Playing Top 5 team, buzzer beater to force OT, they were unranked.  We all know Wisconsin has a good program, but they still weren't getting respect this year, even after beating Indiana in Bloomington.  I think this win, and the way they got it, will finally vault them back into getting the respect they feel they deserve.

Also, this was a better win than us vs UCONN in 2010(?)


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Where has Glenn Robinson been this year? He has been absent from game after game after game.

You can blame it on clock management or on that missed layup by McGary in overtime, but ultimately we have a starter eating up tons of minutes consistently giving NOTHING game after game.


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It makes you appreciate THJ as a freshman, esp considering all the hate on this board and other places towards him during his "sophmore slump".  GRIII has more athleticism and "upside" but THJ actually executed during the Big10 season as a frosh.  If he played back then like GRIII plays now we'd have been a horrid team 2 years ago. 

To me GrIII does not have his own game - he doesnt create for self which athletic guys need to do in "the league".  THere are no set plays for him - he is like a clean up guy, he gets his points on fast breaks and cleaning up other people's junk.  No harm in that but there are less of those opportunities against good teams.  Also he is not handling the physicality of the Big 10 well at all.  Notice McGrary doing better the more physical it gets, while GRIII disappearing in the same time frame.

Again he is only a frosh so lets not give up on him but these NBA projections are laughable now.  If he thinks this is physical wait until 28 year old men start messing with him.  Kid needs to put on 10-15 lbs of muscle this summer and develop an offensive game outside of fast break drunks.

awful waffle

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Also, Michigan's good, but down the stretch, they play like the extremely inexperienced team they are. Not boxing out, missing layups, etc. Very frustrating to watch.