Wisconsin - Asst. AD John Chadima resigns

Submitted by Section 1 on January 9th, 2012 at 10:07 AM

A big shock in Madison, although likely not very noticeable on the field, is that John Chadima resigned as Alavarez's top assistant.  An unstated allegation of "misconduct" was made, and Chadima resigned immediately.


No word yet on what instrument Chadima might have been playing in the UW marching band, or just what the heck was happening at Bielema's bachelor party...



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did anyone else notice the sexual tension between Erin Andrews and Bielma during their rose bowl interview? He could not even make eye contact with her. wonder if their fling ended badly.

Six Zero

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Don't you have better things to do, like recruiting or something, than trolling on enemy web sites trying to spread false rumors about your exploits????


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Wow.  I just read a few of the local articles on the issue and this does not look good at all.  A few salient points on what is known right now:

1. Allegation of misconduct was made by someone from the school itself

2. He resigned immediately

3. His house is up for sale

4. Alverez is flying back to Madison immediately

5. The Chancelors are meeting immediately

I'm no detective but based on the above I'm guessing there was some pretty damn serious "misconduct" going on and this will get ugly.  Looks like U of W is trying to cut their losses and fast to minimize whatever PR fallout is about to occur.

Here's a link to one of their blogs - speculation is running wild


Section 1

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I hesitated, before posting this.  It's arguably more inconsequential, to Michigan, than the departure of Beliema's OC or DC.

But the way things work in Madison, I expect an explosion within about 24 hours.  Looks like a big story up there.  There is going to be more on this one, soon. 

Naked Bootlegger

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I'm about to head over to one of the UW campus rec facilities for an afternoon workout.  It's located right next to Camp Randall, so I'll hang around afterwards to watch for any explosions from the UW AD's office (BTW, there is a menacing stomach bug circulating in the greater Madison region that may produce frequent bathroom explosions in the next 24 hours).   Maybe I'll even set up shop next to the creepy Barry Alvarez statue.   Buckle up.


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While I find the rumor mill's product of a Bielema/Erin Andrews hookup a bizarre combination of ungodly distasteful plus oddly amusing... how come no one else is pointing out the obvious?


Isn't it obvious, the guy was so embarrassed that our hoops program has now surprassed them, that he can't take it anymore?


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It talks a little about the projects he was overseeing and his pre-bowl customs, which include a party for the "unsung heroes of UW football". Not a whole lot else in the Wisconsin press that hasn't been said already at this moment. I imagine this one gets interesting though.


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none of the major sports news organizations have picked this up yet.  I mean ESPN doesn't even...haha I couldn't even finish writing that without type-laughing.


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I'm from madison and this is shocking after the leanency of shoegate and seeing Ron Dayne drive everywhere in dealer plates back when he was playing and rampant rumors that legacy Nick Toon kinda wasn't even close to qaulifying academics wise.  "Misconduct" is something I thought I'd never see punished

oriental andrew

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A few  thoughts:

  1. "Misconduct" is really just a euphemism.  It could be anything from illegally parking in handicap spots to serious financial or sexual "misconduct."
  2. After the PSU scandal, EVERY AD is hypersensitive right now.  If this incident was sexual misconduct, you can bet they're going to act swiftly and decisively.  They will not repeat the FUBARed PSU situation.
  3. In light of the recent bad press for the conference (PSU, osu, especially), Wisconsin is going to want to ensure they mitigate whatever bad press comes out of this for both their school and for the conference.  I'm sure Delany is breathing down everyone's necks right now. 



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Wait how did a Erin Andrews-Bielma fling get started? That's just weird...


And man the Big Ten does not need anymore scandals. At least it looks like UW is trying to get out in front of this as best as possible


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nothing has been said yet.  I would think if something horrible happened, people not affiliated with the university would be involved, know, and be talking.


Edit: although speculation started going wild on the above blog