Wisc loses DC

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Northern Illinois hired Wisconsin's DC Dave Doeren as their head coach today. Hey, anything that hurts an opponent works for me righ tnow.



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it isn't all gerg's fault, he has never ran a 3-3-5 before, so no surprise some of our guys look completely lost out there sometimes.  Aside from the fact that there were so many first year starters/freshman in our secondary that didn't help either.


RR should of let Gerg do whatever the hell he wanted to do with our D, but who knows how much it would have helped with all the young kids back there.


It is really too bad our D is where it is at, or we would prob be looking at a possible 10 win season.

Red is Blue

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After the Big Chill, although I agree with the sentiment the "not all Gerg's fault" struck a chord.  I got a mental image of some disgruntled "fans" doing a reverse hockey goal chant.  Something like after the D gets burnt, a score count off (might need to be by 5s), then pointing at Gerg and chanting "Hair, Hair, Hair, Hair, Hair, Its all your fault, its all your fault, its all your fault"

Steve in PA

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RR should of let Gerg do whatever the hell he wanted to do with our D, but who knows how much it would have helped with all the young kids back there.


If he was willing to do that he could have done it with Shafer and I am 99% certain our defense would be much better than it is now.  I'd even be willing to venture that we wouldn't be posting CC threads.


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I’m jaded by having seen most of Greg Robinson’s games as Head Coach and Co-Defensive Coordinator for Syracuse before he begged Rich Rodriguez to hire him at Michigan, so forgive me for making this point whenever I read comments that Robinson’s lack of success at Michigan has not been all his fault, and that he'd be so much better if he could only run his own show.  While that may be true, I always wonder why others don’t consider his recent performances elsewhere when evaluating his potential to improve Michigan’s defense the way Rich Rodriguez has improved Michigan’s offense.

Since 2000, when he has been in full control of the schemes and players almost every year, Greg Robinson’s "success" found his most-recent NFL defenses ranked 24th with the Broncos in 2000, then 23rd in 2001, 32nd in 2002 and 29th in 2003 with the Chiefs. His most-recent college defenses were ranked 57th (using Paul Pasqualoni’s players) in 2005, 107th in 2006, 111th in 2007 and 101st in 2008 at Syracuse; and 82nd in 2009 and 108th in 2010 at Michigan. In those ten seasons, six of his defenses have finished in the bottom 20% of all teams. The one "good" season out of those ten (2005) saw his defense ranked just barely in the top half of all teams.

I suppose there’s still a chance that Robinson could be invited back to coach Michigan’s defense in 2011. After he was fired by Syracuse and had been paid over $4,000,000 to lead Syracuse football through the worst four years in its history, he offered to coach a fifth year there for free. He could make a similar offer to Michigan.

By most accounts, Greg Robinson’s a good man. But with a 10-37 record as a head coach (3-25 in the Big East) over four years at Syracuse, and his work as a defensive coordinator since 2000 (excluding his one year as Co-Coordinator at Texas in 2004 when his Longhorns were ranked 23rd after bring ranked 25th in 2003), it’s hard to imagine that he’ll be in great demand if he’s not invited back to Michigan after the Gator Bowl game. It’s also hard to imagine that Dave Brandon and Rich Rodriguez will conclude that there’s no better choice than Greg Robinson available to be Michigan’s DC in 2011. If he’s not working for Toys R Us, Robinson’s next stop may be in Seattle as a position coach or some type of assistant with his good friend, Pete Carroll.

late night BTB

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Am I the only one who doesn't see this move from Wico DC to NIU HC as just a slight upward move?  I'm not complaining when coaches from BT schools leave the conference, I'm just saying...


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I agree. He could have made a bigger impact just waiting for a bigger job to open up knowing how successful their defenses have been. He could have probably gotten the Minnesota job.