Wired article on UofM solar vehicle

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It's a short article with a few pictures, but an interesting read.  Also, there appears to be some older articles on Wired as well.  I guess they've done a few entries:






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The previous post on here made it sound like the left side driver's seat was a rule requirement itself. I wonder how many teams will come to the the same design concept given the change in the wheel requirements.


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Not very many teams are taking the radical assymetric approach. 

Stanford has gone with a very thick airfoil, and Twente from the Netherlands have a narrow rear axlethat almost makes it look like a traditional 3 wheeled design


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U of M is, hands-down, one of the most well-funded teams on the grid for this year’s 1,800-mile, week-long endurance event in Australia. With sponsorship from both Ford and General Motors, along with industrial juggernauts Siemens, the team has taken first place in the North American Solar Challenge seven times. But even with all that green at their disposal, U of M has only placed third — five times, mind you — in the past 10 years on the global stage.

That's an interesting way to put that. 


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Especially considering the teams that have placed ahead of Michigan in those 3rd place finishes have typically had similarly deep pockets, or other organizational advantages - Michigan is really competing against peers at that level, whereas in the American races of the last decade, yeah, Michigan has had dominant financial and technological advantages (which they earned through extensive networking and dedicated effort toward developing partnerships with industry).


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While that very well may be the case, UM Solar is made up of student athletes. Whereas a lot of the other WSC teams are professionals. That's part of their job. A valid comparison would be the USSR Hockey Team versus Team USA, from 1980.


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That was more true in the 90's - the top teams aren't really pros per se and are at least nominally college students, but some are supported (and don't take classes) for a year or so while on the team, and others have heavier professor involvement.

Michigan team members are full time students during development (they take a semester off to race in Australia). Professor involvement is minimal, and while they get a lot of machining and design refinement input from industry, the vast majority of the design and hands-on labor is performed by undergrads.


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Yeah that's a pretty loaded way to put that when a team finishes top three for the last five races.

The team has done a great job.