Winovich. Stay or go?

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Harbaugh says Winovich knows what he is going to do at the end of the season and Chase will let us all know. I enjoy watching him play and want him to return. What's your guess? WIll he stay or go? 



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if being right is the direct inverse of being wrong, than your correctness is a function of your incorrectness.

You can be orders of magnitude "better" (as was the term used by ol' TIMMAY) than wrong half the time.

one order of magnitude "better" would be wrong 0.5% of the time

two would be wrong 0.05% of the time.

"several" would be wrong something like 0.0005% of the time, depending on your definition of several.

I don't think he's wrong that infrequently but I agree he's usually correct and I appreciate umbig's contributions.

yep, this is mgoblog. 


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I don’t think anyone here thinks Winovich approached Umbig and was like “dude, I promise you I’m staying.”
What we get is an actual primary source reporting what they’ve heard. Of course it could change. Winovich could decide tomorrow to change his mind. But if he does, that doesn’t make umbig wrong right now.
He’s the fly on the wall and it’s fucking priceless info. Don’t be a dick.


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One of the four best things for Michigan football this offseason so far (that I can think of).

- Players and coaches raise money for ChadTough charity (idea started by Winovich).  Not only a great result for the charity, but reminds us of how awesome our team and program are.

- Patterson comes in, providing at a minimum needed depth at the QB spot, given Speight's transfer/

- Winovich returns for senior season.

- Moorhead leaves Penn State.


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Yep.  Franklin was even somewhat on the "hot seat," or at least that was part of the narrative (two 7-6 seasons to begin his tenture, with no wins against any decent Big Ten team) until Franklin hired Moorhead as OC and he completely revamped their offense.

2014 S&P+ Offensive Ranking (pre-Moorhead): 112

2015 (pre-Moorhead): 62

2016 (with Moorhead): 18

2017 (with Moorhead): 12


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do what you feel is best for you young man. I will root for your success anywhere, especially at Michigan if you come back. oh the nastiness of the d if he comes back

The Fugitive

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I don't know if this upcoming draft is weak or strong for defensive linemen, but for reference, Chris Wormley was selected #74 last year (10th pick in the 3rd round).

Although they play different positions, I think Chase is better football player than Wormley and would likely be drafted higher - again depending on the strength of the D line class.

What say you?


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Is he?  Wormley was pretty darn good against the run last year, and provided a credible pass rush from the SDE position.  I know pass rushers are at a premium in the NFL, so I could see him going higher than Wormley based on his skill set, but Wormley had a really, really good career here.  I don't think Winovich is better.