Wings Sharks Game 6 8:00PM EDT Modano in, Ryane Clowe Out.

Submitted by TheDirtyD on May 10th, 2011 at 8:24 AM

Pre-Game on Versus starts at 7:30. Puck Drop shortly after 8:00. FS-D is carrying the game as well. 

Complete TV info: VERSUS (HD),TSN (HD),RDS (HD),CSN-CA (HD),FS-D (HD)

EDIT: Modano is in for Franzen. Ryane Clowe is out for Sharks with an "upper body injury". Ryane Clowe is the Sharks leading scorer in these playoffs and plays on the line that was causing Detroit the most problems with Couture and Heatly. 

The Wings and Sharks faceoff tonight in a huge game 6. Momentum is favoring Detroit, while the heat is turned up a bit on the Sharks. Questions heading into tonight’s game. Will Franzen play? Modano is itching to play another game, I'd imagine he will play as The Mule logged 0 minutes of playing time in the 3rd. Can the big power line with Thornton and Marleau come up big in this game? The difference for the Sharks has been the play of Couture, Clowe and Boyle. As all three have scored timely goals for the Sharks. The Wings playing at home with the last change should help them out a lot. The home team has been the team to register more scoring chances and shots on goal. Also the sharks are 0-6 on the PP in the last two games. The Joe will be rocking tonight. Detroit wings the first game in this series by more than one goal 5-3. Detroit gets the empty net goal at the end.

Any one else have any other thoughts on tonight’s game.

What is everyone drinking tonight while watching this dandy of a game?



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I'm not convinced there needs to be a thread on this game this early, but meh.  WOOOOO GO WINGS!!!

Detroit has momentum, and it's home ice.  I'm hoping they can take care of game six.  They need to fight off complacency, and I think they manage it tonight.  I think they win by one with a third-period goal (it always seems to come down to that).  I just pray there's no overtime... it has not been kind.


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So if Detroit can bump its starts back to 8 pm, why can't the West Coast move up one hour and start games at 9 pm?  Just sayin.  That we could be to bed by midnight most nights.


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If it is difficult for SJ ticketholders to get to the game by six, it means they will have to spend their "dinner money" at the concessions.  I can't imagine the team and NHL not liking that.  SJ just wants to keep the late-night component of their home-ice advantage intact.


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Most people/organizations don't seem to know the difference between EST/EDT. I almost always see EST year round even if we are in the EDT phase of the year. It really only matters when you start to look outside this country to compare time zones since most of the states all switch to Daylight savings and stay in the same zone except for Hawaii and Arizona.


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sharks have been very physical and I believe that has flustered the wings at times

interesting to see if the sharks come out hitting in game 6

maybe the sharks take a few penalties and the wings make them pay


don't forget setoguchi has been a major pain for the wings all series long

UofM Die Hard …

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Modano wants in and I think he would surprise a lot of people, he can still skate like a mad man. I know Franzen wants to play but Babcock has got to make the right choice here and I think he will.  Love the Mule but it has to happen.

Wings baby, make history.


**Joe Thronton is a big bitch


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Versus is blacked out, Detroiters have to watch on FSN. Not a bad thing in my opinion, as Ken and Mickey are one of the best local broadcasting pairs in sports.


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Welcome to the new NHL.

In the old NHL, nothing would have been called and Thornton would get his bitch-ass kicked later on.

In the new NHL's supposed-rules, it should have been 2-minutes for slashing on Thornton, 2-minutes for embellishment, and let's say 2-minutes on Franzen for roughing for after the whistle.

In the actual new NHL, it was that bullshit.


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I was at game 4, when the crowd started rocking in the back half of the third you could visibly see the wings pick up play. It was arguably one of the loudest experiences I have heard in sports... And that includes having life long season tickets...
<br>So if you're going to the game, have a Molson or eight for me and be loud!

NMU Blue

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Put "history will be made 05/08/11 NHLVideo" in the search box and then change the filter to videos made this week.  Should be the 6th video down.  It was the only way I could get it to pop up.  To change the filter, look for the blue "filter" word near the top under the search box.  This is as far as I have ever ventured into the internets without a teenager watching my every move.  I'm still shaking.


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I was also at game 4, and will also be at the game tonight. I see your Molson and raise you a Molson XXX. A nasty tasting beer, but it sure does have a decent amount of alcohol in it. The atmosphere at the Joe is truly amazing for the playoffs, it comes close to being Yost loud I would almost say.


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Babcock needs to be the coach here and make the right decision.  Put Modano's fresh legs on the ice tonight and keep Franzen out.  I love the Mule as much as any Wings fan, but right now i think he hurts the team more than he helps.  They did just fine without him in the third period of the last game.  Let's take it to them tonight and then complete the crushing of their spirits in game 7.


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Coach Mke Babcock has no doubts his team will be right back on the team plane late Tuesday night or in Wednesday's wee hours of the morning.

Oh, we're getting on it," said Babcock, who earlier in the series described himself as someone who focuses on the positive and has “always thought that I could defuse the bomb.”…


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Crisp passing, heavy sticks and low elbows. I love Abdelkader's physical presence and his hustle, but dammit if he make that bone-headed decision again. He's a contributing part of the team, but I hope Babcock's been clocking him upside the head for some of those penalties


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this confidence is starting to scare me. Were becoming confident and im scared that now were gonna lose. I hope Im wrong and would love to see game 7 and we have to win game 7. if we win this round we win the stanley cup. theres no way vancouver will stop us with the momentum


Blue in Yarmouth

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I believe majority of the few teams that have come back from a 3-0 deficit have floundered in the following series. I didn't do a lot of research on this, but that is what happened the few times I witnessed it. I think it is because of a natural let down once you accomplish something so huge. You blow everything in the tank and have nothing left. 



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I think we win tonight. We have a ton of momentum and the veterans won't let us lose on our home ice. If we win this series; we'll go to the SCF and face Tampa. What a match up that would be.