Windy City Hoosier Interview with Nick Stauskas

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Windy City Hoosier Source has a two part interview (part 1; part 2) with 2012 Michigan basketball commit Nick Stauskas.

There isn't anything particularly earth-shattering in the interview, but he does claim to be 6-foot-6 and 200 pounds, as opposed to the 6-foot-5 and 185 that was reported at the time of his commit.

I also found the following Q&A interesting not only for the confidence that Stauskas reveals but also for his mention that "politics" keeps him from being ranked higher:

WCS:  Although rankings are just numbers, many outlets have you classified right inside the top 100 in the country. You've talked about your shooting and ability to get to the hoop. What parts of your game do you feel you need to improve on over the next year to move up that list, or in other words, what's keeping you from going from a top 100 player to a top 25 player?
NS:  To be honest with you, the biggest thing that is keeping me out of the top 25 at this point is politics. My game still needs a lot of work, especially physically with my speed and strength, but at this point I believe I have proven to a lot of people that I am more than capable of going at and competing with other top 25 players.

Also of note are his plans for this summer and beyond:

NS:  My knee injury has limited my plans for the summer. I wasn't able to play this spring, and that lead to me not being able to go to certain camps such as Pangos All American and NBA Top 100. In July, I still plan to be in Minnesota for the Best Buy Classic, Vegas for the Fab 48, and Phoenix for the Dual in the Desert. I might have a few other tournaments that I will be attending, but I'll have to talk to my coach first. One of my goals since I was young was to play in the McDonald’s All American game at the end of my senior year. I know I have a very long way to go to be able to play in that, but it's still something I dream about. Other than that my goals have basically been to come to Michigan my freshman year as prepared as I can be to play college basketball. I'm working hard so that I leave the coaches at Michigan with no excuses to not play me. And obviously, I'm still working at achieving my biggest goal of one day playing in the NBA. It's a long way away, but at this point I just have to keep working hard and taking it one step at a time.

Stauskas doesn't mention this event (perhaps he's sitting it out because of his injury), but he was selected to play in the 2011 All Canada Classic, which is being held on June 21 at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto. Among the others selected for the rosters is Stefan Jankovic, the 6-foot-10 big man being recruited by Michigan for the 2012 class. (Other invitees include a couple of former U-M recruits: Kevin Pangos and Sim Bhullar).

Evidently, Jankovic will be attending, but some of the other invitees will not, according to this preview:

Myck Kabongo, Khem Birch and Kyle Wiltjer will not be competing, as they have been invited to both the Jordan Classic and the McDonald's All-American Game, so they are likely to compete in those two as their designated two all-star games.

Anyone know if the two designated all-star games is just a Canadian thing? I haven't heard of this before.



June 18th, 2011 at 10:05 AM ^

The number of all-start events a player may attend is usually regulated by the players state high school association here in the US. For example, in Ohio I believe they have a 2 allstar game limit. So I imagine what is being referred to is the limit whatever governing body Stauskas plays under places on such events.


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There was a time a lot of the Beilein doubters criticized his style of play and its potential for success in the conference.  Yet here is another kid naming style of play as one of his key reasons for committing to Michigan.  As the Dallas Mavs proved, ball movement + shooters + ability to think the game + a dose of zone defense = championship.


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I love his quote. . . "I'm working hard so that I leave the coaches at Michigan with no excuses to not play me".  Coupled with some of his other comments, sure seems this kid isn't afraid of work.  I imagin Beilein loves that too!